Korakuen is a location in the series.


Korakuen is a stadium found in Tokyo.



Megami Tensei IIEdit

Korakuen can only be reached through the Ginza Underpass. Like Ariake, the town is mostly devoted to gambling. A man in one of the buildings claims that his demon, Vetala, is going to win at the local colosseum. When the hero challenges and defeats him, he apologizes and hands over the Earth Seal.

The following facilities are located here:

  • Colosseum - the hero can have any of his demons fight against random demons for a macca prize, although the 5th fight is fixed, against Scylla, and the Sun Pillar can be obtained by defeating it.
  • Big & Small - prizes are the same as in Ariake
  • Slots - same as in Ariake
  • Code Breaker - prizes of note - Grand: Baal's Cloak; 4th: Aquamarine

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