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Kunikazu Okumura

Kunikazu Okumura

Okamura s

Japanese Name 奥村 邦和
Romaji Okumura Kunikazu
First Appearance Persona 5
Japanese VA Hirohiko Kakegawa
"I've been intimidated by some rogue. Isn't the police ally of the good citizens?"
—Kunikazu Okumura, Persona 5

Kunikazu Okumura is a character from Persona 5.


Design Edit

Kunikazu is a bespectacled older man who wears a business suit over an orange and brown checkerboard undershirt.

Shadow Kunikazu wears a mostly black, form-fitting spacesuit with the same colors as his undershirt, and has blue skin. Unlike most bosses, he does not have a demon form-as Mammon, he calls out a floating chair before radioing a group of robots to protect him.

Profile Edit

Persona 5Edit

Kunikazu is the father of Haru Okumura. He is the president of the fast food manufacturer and chain, Big Bang Burger, and is one of the heist targets of the Phantom Thieves of Hearts at his own Palace. However, the heist is manipulated by a third party by hacking into the Phantom Thief Channel and pushing the heist request for Kunikazu to the top ranking, baiting the Phantom Thieves into the accusation of series of murders. Futaba Sakura, the Thieves' hacker, later discovers this and concludes that the said hacker is the same who has been harassing the Phantom Thieves before her intervention.

He is later revealed to be an ally of the Conspiracy, having joined to help him find new business opportunities by interacting with some of the most powerful people in Japan. His Palace is a space station formed from his desire for wealth, to manipulate his employees and his childhood memory of enjoying sci-fi shows and toys, but also his refusal to acknowledge how much he is hurting Haru with his greed, tacitly oblivious to what kind of person her arranged fiance is due to the promise of Haru marrying into wealth. His stepping stone to political power is done by sacrificing Haru's happiness.

Shadow Kunikazu "transforms" into Mammon in the Palace. During his boss fight, he is sitting on a flying chair and summons a group of his Cognitive existences, robots who represent how he sees his employees as emotionless drones. Recognizing he is not nearly strong enough to beat the Phantom Thieves directly, he activates a thirty-minute self-destruct timer and hangs back while his robots attack the party, he casting support spells at the end of the combat round. Once several waves of his bots are defeated, he is defeated in one hit and surrenders, deactivating the timer.

Because he is shown to genuinely care about Haru and regularly feels deeply conflicted about his obligation to his business and his daughter, the Phantom Thieves come to respect him as an opponent. When his Treasure is stolen, he attempts to reveal the identity of the head of the conspiracy that had manipulated him but the Thieves are forced to retreat because of the tight time limit. When the Shadow Self is alone, Goro Akechi kills the Shadow according to the plan, causing him to messily die on national television and badly traumatizing Haru, who comes to blame herself for the rest of the game.


Mammon Concept Art P5


Kunikazu (邦和) can loosely mean "international peace/diplomacy". Okumura (奥村) means "abstruse/deep-village".

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