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Kunikazu Okumura

Kunikazu Okumura

Okamura s

Also known as Mr. CEO
Japanese Name 奥村 邦和
Romaji Okumura Kunikazu
First Appearance Persona 5
Japanese VA Hirohiko Kakegawa
English VA Christopher Corey Smith
"These scoundrels have threatened me. Aren't the police supposed to side with law-abiding citizens?"
—Kunikazu Okumura, Persona 5

Kunikazu Okumura is a character from Persona 5.


Design Edit

Kunikazu is a bespectacled older man who wears a business suit and an orange and brown checkerboard ascot under a white shirt.

Shadow Kunikazu wears a mostly black, form-fitting spacesuit with the same colors as his undershirt, and has blue skin. Unlike most bosses, he does not have a demon form - as Mammon, he calls out a floating chair before radioing a group of robots to protect him.

Personality Edit

""Overcome failure at any cost, even if it means betraying others.""
—Kunikazu Okumura's motto.

Kunikazu is an ambitious and career-focused professional who is always chasing his next victory. Unfortunately for his daughter, his ambitions come with a complete, deliberate ignorance of the pain he causes to his company or his family; no matter how many scandals Okumura Foods faces due to its poor safety practices and punishing work hours, or how obviously unhappy Haru is with his manipulations, Kunikazu refuses to let his nobler passions influence his business, instead behaving as ruthlessly as he feels he must to get ahead in the world. In fact, his Shadow Self admits that he sees nothing wrong with using Haru as a political pawn, as he believes it is his right as a parent to direct her life for the good of her family (ie, himself), and grows upset when he realizes Haru is "betraying" him by helping the Phantom Thieves of Hearts invade his Palace (although his Shadow seems to believe she is simply acting out and attempts to convince her to side with him repeatedly before his boss fight).

Despite his cold attitude, he is not completely heartless; as revealed as the Thieves explore the Palace, Kunikazu secretly realizes how miserable his employees are but suppresses his guilt, and realizes he is not a good parent. Eventually, during the confrontation with Shadow Kunikazu to acquire the Treasure, he admits that the Thieves are probably right to want to change his heart, but still fights back out of fear of losing the wealth he sacrificed his conscience to achieve.

He is also somewhat immature in his tastes, having been inspired for the Big Bang Burger franchise by a model kit he loved as a boy, but could never afford until he achieved success and paid off his own father's loans. Politically, it can be assumed he is a nationalist, as his Shadow reveals he believes he is helping achieve "utopia" by helping Masayoshi Shido achieve his goal of being elected to Prime Minister.

Profile Edit

Persona 5Edit

Kunikazu Okumura is the third president of Okumura Foods succeeded from his great-grandfather, he also has founded the fast food chain, Big Bang Burger. Kunikazu only has one daughter, Haru Okumura. He is one of the heist targets of the Phantom Thieves of Hearts at his own Palace. Initially prosecutor Sae Niijima notices Okumura's fast food business heavily benefits from his rivals' deaths from the mysterious mental shutdowns and psychotic breakdowns carried out by the Conspiracy, a fact that is learned by the thieves after they have stolen the investigation documents from Sae's laptop. After the Medjed incident, Okumura's heist request ranking in the Phantom Aficionado Website suddenly surges with loads of comments against his business practices. The Phantom Thieves are initially indecisive about reforming Okumura, but settle down when Haru joins them to escape her doomed marriage.

His Palace is a spaceport formed from his desire for wealth, to manipulate his employees and his childhood memory of enjoying sci-fi shows and toys, but also his refusal to acknowledge how much he is hurting Haru with his greed, tacitly oblivious to what kind of person her arranged fiance Sugimura is due to the promise of Haru marrying into wealth. His stepping stone to political power is done by sacrificing Haru's happiness, as is reflected by his Palace having a self-destruct and escape pod; he desires to exist in complete ignorance of every negative consequence of his actions, despite the fact that he is fully aware of how miserable his employees are and violent Sugimura is.

Persona 5 Boss Fight 6 Okumura (1080p)32:38

Persona 5 Boss Fight 6 Okumura (1080p)

Shadow Kunikazu boss.

Shadow Kunikazu "transforms" into Mammon in the Palace. Initially, he tries to subdue the Phantom Thieves by tricking them into separating from Haru and capturing the rest by pretending to have already reformed, but Morgana manages to escape the force field and hits the remote control he was using with the slingshot. During his boss fight, he is sitting on a flying chair and summons a group of his Cognitive existences, robots who represent how he sees his employees as emotionless drones. Recognizing he is not nearly strong enough to beat the Phantom Thieves directly, he activates a thirty-minute self-destruct timer and hangs back while his robots attack the party, he casting support spells at the end of the combat round. Once several waves of his bots are defeated, he is defeated in one or two hits and surrenders, deactivating the timer.

Because he is shown to genuinely care about Haru and regularly feels deeply conflicted about his obligation to his business and his daughter, the Phantom Thieves come to respect him as an opponent. When his Treasure is stolen, he attempts to reveal the identity of the head of the conspiracy that had manipulated him but the Thieves are forced to retreat because of the tight time limit. When the Shadow Self is alone, Goro Akechi kills the Shadow according to the plan, causing him to messily die on national television and badly traumatizing Haru, who comes to blame herself for the rest of the game.

His heist request is manipulated by the Conspiracy by hacking into the Phan-site and pushing the heist request for Kunikazu, baiting the Phantom Thieves into the accusation of series of murders. Futaba Sakura, the Thieves' hacker, later discovers this and concludes that the said hacker is the same who imposes as Medjed and has been harassing the Phantom Thieves before her intervention.

When the Phantom Thieves infiltrate Shido's Palace, the Shadow Self of the TV station president reveals that Kunikazu is assassinated despite his donations because the scandals around his company has attracted media coverage which is beyond their power to cover up and they fear exposure of their conspiracy.


This battle has a special condition where the battle must be finished in 30 real world minutes. Thus, it is best not to spend too much time overthinking commands or stalling on dialogue.

Okumura will start with an army of 4 Corporobo minions. These are weak to Fire and Wind. As they go down he will switch it up with stronger minions that are weak to Ice, then Elec, then Bless, then Psychokinesis attacks. Anything these workers are not weak to, they resist, so bring area-hitting elemental attacks and/or make full use of Baton Pass to defeat these workers as quickly as possible. Because Okumura is still technically a combatant yet cannot be damaged while his minions are around, All-Out Attacks are not possible.

Occasionally, Okumura will interfere by using Sacrifice Order, in which case, focus your fire on the affected minion to avoid taking massive damage. Okumura will also throw in a stray Dekaja, Dekunda, and infect the party with Hunger to make it difficult to power through his army. Have skills or items capable of curing Hunger handy to prevent the battle from dragging out too long.

Once enough of his Corporobos are defeated, he calls in the Executive Director. It has no notable resistances or weakness, and its most dangerous attack is the Big Bang Challenge, which is always telegraphed with Big Bang Order the turn before. Keep the party in good health and get them all to defend when this happens. However, if Big Bang Challenge hits any party members affected with Hunger, it will be absorbed by them and even remove the Hunger ailment.

Once the Executive Director is defeated, Okumura has run out of options and is completely vulnerable, not taking any actions during his turn. He goes down with very little effort.


The boss has a time limit of 30 minutes. If the player does not defeat him in time, it is game over.

Level HP SP
Strength --
Magic --
Endurance --
Agility --
Luck --
? 200
Phys Gun Fire Ice Elec Wind Psy Nucl Bless Curse Almighty
List of Skills
Skill Effect
Work Order Summon reinforcements when there are less than 4 robots until Executive Director.
Instant interruption by this skill when all robots are defeated.
Sacrifice Order Order 1 robot to self-destruct in its upcoming turn.
Rakunda Debuff defense of 1 foe for 3 turns.
Tarunda Debuff attack power of 1 foe for 3 turns.
Dekaja Negate all buff effects of all foes.
Famine's Breath Inflict Hunger (high odds) to 1 foe.
Famine's Scream Inflict Hunger (medium odds) to all foes.


Mammon Concept Art P5
Shadow Kunikazu and Cognitive Haru's Fiance (Cognitive)
Shadow Kunikazu (Mammon)
Calendar icon
Calendar icon


Kunikazu (邦和) can loosely mean "international peace/diplomacy". Okumura (奥村) means "abstruse/deep-village".


  • Shadow Kunikazu's costume is very reminiscent of the super villains in the 1980s science fictions. The panel before his torso is particularly similar to Darth Vader's from the Star Wars franchise.
  • Shadow Kunikazu's plot to escape to utopia in a flying saucer and destroy everything left behind is a call back to the Millennium Kingdom project from Shin Megami Tensei II and Xibalba/Ameno Torifune from Persona 2.
  • The Corporobo model IDs indicate various positions in corporate hierarchy:
    • WK - Worker
    • CH - Chief Clerk
    • AM - Assistant Manager
    • DM - Division Manager
    • GM - General Manager
    • ED - Executive Director

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