Kusanagi or Kusanagi Tsurugi (草薙剣 / クサナギのつるぎ) is a weapon in the series.


Originally called Ama-no-Murakumo-no-Tsurugi, it was the sword obtained from Yamata-no-Orochi's corpse after Susano-O slayed it with the Totsuka no Tsurugi. The sword was given to his sibling Amaterasu as atonement for his previous actions and made into one of the Three Sacred Treasures. Its name means Grass cutting sword.



Shin Megami TenseiEdit

The Kusanagi is the first sword obtained that can be used for Sword fusion. It can be fused with Element Sylph to create the Futsu Sword.

Shin Megami Tensei IVEdit

Kusanagi Tsurugi is a special item obtained for the Challenge Quest Resurrection of the Kousoushin. The Law demon Alciel has hidden it within his domain in Ginza.


Megami Tensei IIEdit

Attack PhysIcon SMTIV Accuracy Critical NOA Effect Restrictions Dropped by
32 85% 5 All - Male Succubus, Ubelluris, Kushinada-Hime

Shin Megami TenseiEdit

Kusanagi SMT
Attack PhysIcon SMTIV Accuracy NOA Effect Restrictions
40 10 All - -
- +1 - - - - Shinagawa 2F

Shin Megami Tensei IMAGINEEdit

Imagine Kusanagi
Affinity Type Effect
Slash Sword Slash Boost +20% / +10% Spin Damage, +30% Damage to Yamata-no-Orochi
Close Range Spell Support Critical Durability Slots
40 23 - - 40 3
StInMaViAgLuDropped By
- - 4 - - 2 Cave Lord Yamata-no-Orochi (or End Chest: Izumo Island)

Majin Tensei II: Spiral NemesisEdit

Attack PhysIcon SMTIV Accuracy Type Effect
108 25 Long Sword -
StInMaViAgLuDropped By
- - - - - 2 Surt / Gabriel / Yamata-no-Orochi (or buy at Rag's Jewelry)

Shin Megami Tensei: Devil SummonerEdit

Kusanagi SMTDS
Attack PhysIcon SMTIV Accuracy Range Effect Restrictions
180 58 B (1-3 Hits) - Male
3 1 1 2 1 3 Sword Fusion

Devil Summoner: Soul HackersEdit

Kusanagi SH
Attack PhysIcon SMTIV Accuracy Range Effect Restrictions
90 99 Foe in F.Row - Male
- - - - - - Sword fusion (Yamata-no-Orochi)

Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. King AbaddonEdit

Attack PhysIcon SMTIV Type Effect Evolves From Evolves To
285 Sword Fire Boost Plasma Sword / Raikiri Murakumo
StInMaViAgLuRequired Materials
- - 4 - - 2 Pyro Silver x2, Frost Silver x2, Frost Bronze x2

Megami Ibunroku PersonaEdit

Attack PhysIcon SMTIV Accuracy NOA Type Effect
170 70 1 Sword -
3 - 3 3 - Mystic Change Susano-O

Persona 2: Eternal PunishmentEdit

Attack WindIcon Accuracy Type Effect
134 - Sword Inflicts Mute (rate: good)
- - - - -  ?

Persona Q: Shadow of the LabyrinthEdit

Attack PhysIcon SMTIV Type Effect
91 Two-handed Sword Sleep (15%)
StMaEnAgLuRequired Materials
- - - - - Orochi Tail x1

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