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Marebito - Kushinada Appearance

Kushinada's first appearance

Kushinada (串蛇) is a major character in Raidou Kuzunoha vs. The Lone Marebito.


Personality Edit

At first, she is cold and stand-offish, immediately disliking Shouhei Narumi and Gouto-Douji's more direct personalities, preferring Raidou's calmer demeanor and the kindness he shows her. She also grows fond of Tae Asakura.

She is constantly accompanied by a Nekomata named Shiragiku (白菊). Originally, Shiragiku was a normal cat, but transformed into a Nekomata by being exposed to Kushinada's blood in her youth. Shiragiku acts as her protector and friend.


The blind young princess of the Kansai-based Kukuri (提倶璃) house who is entrusted to Raidou Kuzunoha the XIV for protection by Yatagarasu. The Kukuri house is notable for bearing a specific genetic make-up that allows them to store great amounts of Magnetite within their bodies. As a princess, she is designated through a ceremony to play host to the store of magnetite gathered through the family's history. Due to this, she becomes the target of the major antagonists of Lone Marebito.


Marebito - Kushinada as a child
Kushinada as a child
Marebito - Kushinada Casual
Kushinada as she usually dresses within the Narumi Detective Agency
Marebito - Kushinada Western clothes
Tae helping Kushinada wear Western clothes

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