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Kwancha`s official artwork from Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner

Kwancha (カワンチャ, Kawancha) is a demon in the series.


The Kwancha is a demon of misfortune in Nepali culture.



Shin Megami Tensei: Strange JourneyEdit

"A demon of disease that lives in the underworld in Nepali folklore. It appears at a crossroads, but if you make an offering and chant a mantra, it will defend you from sickness. He is also Shiva and Kali's personal attendant. There is a Nepali festival where Kwancha appears among other gods."
Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Compendium

Kwancha appears at the top of Sector Eridanus as one of five demons supplying infinite life to Ouroboros. The player must defeat it (along with the others) to cut off the energy flow and make Ouroboros vulnerable.


Kyūyaku Megami TenseiEdit

Megami TenseiEdit

Race Level HP MP CP
Element 26 134 39 8
Vitality Intellect Strength Speed Luck
10 13 12 13 8
List of Skills
Skill Cost Effect
Agirama 4 MP Medium Fire damage (1-3 hits)
Hanmahan 9 MP Medium Expel damage (2 hits)

Shin Megami TenseiEdit

Race Alignment Level HP MP CP
Jirae Law 35 213 72 19
NOH Strength Intelligence Magic Vitality Agility Luck
2 19 8 12 17 10 10
Attack Hit Defense Evasion MPower MEffect Drop
77 15 47 11 13 10 Aquamarine
Resistances Reflects Expel, nulls Curse
List of Skills
Skill Cost Effect
Hama 5 MP Eliminates 2 enemies with the power of light
Diarama 4 MP Restores one ally's HP by roughly 100
Paraladi 6 MP Cures one ally of Paralysis

Shin Megami Tensei: Strange JourneyEdit

Level Race Alignment HP MP ST MA AG VI LC
25 Jirae Neutral-Neutral 226 122 17 17 17 17 17
Attack Type Physical Gun Fire Ice Elec Wind Expel Curse Almighty
Single foe/1/Physical/None - - - - Weak Weak Strong Null -
Poison Paralyze Stone Strain Sleep Charm Mute Fear Bomb Rage
Null 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100%
Natural Skills
Toxic Cloud Posumudi Paraladi
D-Source Skills
Tetraja Poison Claw Posumudi
Item Drops
Jirae Bones Life Stone Chakra Drop


Shin Megami Tensei IVEdit

Jirae 24 160 154 26 29 37 25 35
Physical Phys Gun Gun Fire Fire Ice Ice Elec Elec Force Force Light Light Dark Dark
- - - - - Weak - -
Ailment resistance Null: Sick, Resist: Poison
Normal attack Physical, one hit, one enemy
List of Skills
Skill Cost Effect Level
Tetanus Cut 11 MP Medium Physical damage to a single enemy, chance of inflicting Sick Innate
Posumudi 5 MP Removes Poison/Sick ailments from a single ally Innate
Pandemic Bomb 11 MP Inflicts Sick on all enemies 26
Mahama 18 MP Light instant kill to all enemies, low chance of success 27

Last Bible IIIEdit

Kwancha LB 3
Level HP MP Attack Defense
30 353 70 100 49
Strength Endurance Intelligence Speed Luck
18 14 11 15 12
Equipment Equips All Card Location Create using Kwancha bones.
List of Skills

Majin TenseiEdit

Race Level HP MP Movement Move Type Attack Type
Jaki 8 78 0 7 Flat Poison
Strength Magic Technique Defense Agility Luck CP
6 8 6 5 7 6 0
List of Skills

Majin Tensei II: Spiral NemesisEdit

Race Level HP MP Movement Move Type Range
Jaki 29 118 0 6 Ground 1
Strength Wisdom Magic Defense Agility Luck MAG
14 7 7 14 20 0 190
Attack Phys Defense Magic Attack Magic Defense Hit Avoid Critical
42 21 7 12 93 9 10
List of Skills
Body Blow

Giten Megami Tensei: Tokyo MokushirokuEdit

Race Alignment Level HP MP
Brute Neutral-Chaos 18 233 81
CP Intuition Will Power Magic Intelligence Divine Protection
27 14 15 11 12 13
Strength Stamina Agility Dexterity Charm
26 23 14 11 8
List of Skills
Spinning Blade Deadly Technique Sword Dance
Dia Media -

Megami Ibunroku PersonaEdit

Kwancha Persona
Order Level Type Subtype MAtk MDef
Jirae 45 Element Earth 96 48
HP SP St Vi Dx Ag Lu
450 450 42 40 25 16 30
100% Earth Wind, Blast Kali, Shiva
Traits Forceful Drops Agidyne Stone
List of Skills
Skill Effect
Magdyne Heavy Earth damage (area)
Agidyne Heavy Fire damage (area)
Triple Slice Heavy Two-Hand damage (area)
Eastern Impact Medium Blast damage (area)


Kwancha as it appears in Megami Tensei
Kwancha Megaten 2
Kwancha as it appears in Megami Tensei II
Kwancha as it appears in Kyūyaku Megami Tensei
Kawancha Card
Kwancha as it appears in Card Summoner

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