Tokyo Revelation - Kyouko

Kyouko Shibusawa

Kyouko Shibusawa (澁澤京子) is a character in Tokyo Revelation. She is voiced by Hekiru Shiina in the Japanese version and Melissa Fahn in the English dub.



Kyouko Shibusawa is a magic user belonging to the Cult of Gaia. She's an enigmatic young girl with a habit of appearing in unexpected places. She has strong feelings for Kojiro Souma, despite the heavy restrictions of her order that prevent her from being involved with him. When the OVA begins, she provides assistance from the shadows, offering Kojiro the use of an Athame knife made just for him which later helps him defend himself against Cerberus.

She lives with the order and her older sister, Yuriko, a member of the order, warns her not to get too attached to him. She is aware of his role as the reincarnation of Masakado and the dangers that come along with it. However, when she sees him fall into Gagyson's trap, she cannot help but rush to his aid. She arrives too late to prevent his death, but through her powers she is able to awaken Masakado within him to bring him back to life. Because of this, she is expelled from her order.

Kyouko wanders after this and plays a role in the final confrontation against Ose by protecting Akito Kobayashi from a grief-stricken Yousuke Miura so that he could resurrect Saki Yagami.


Tokyo Revelation - Kyouko Manga
Kyouko as she appears in the manga
Tokyo Revelation - Kyouko Orb
Kyouko witnesses Kojiro's death
Tokyo Revelation - Kyouko Exiled
Kyouko exiled for her actions

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