The Lady in Black is a mysterious individual in a black mourner's garb who acts as the attendant and mouthpiece of the blonde man in Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne.


Lady in Black both in name and role, is most likely a reference to Uriah Heep's song, Lady in Black. This, however, is mere fan speculation. 


A popular fan theory is that the Lady in Black is Paimon.

This theory comes from the Lady in Black's loyalty to Lucifer, her effeminate features, her lithe form, and her thorough knowledge of many things relating to the Vortex World of Nocturne.

An alternate fan theory suggest that the Lady in Black is the Triple Morrigan.

This alternate theory comes from the similarities the Lady in Black has with Morrigan in the Ulster Cycles tale of Cu Chulainn. Morrigan appeared first as a young woman to give him aid and love, then as an old woman to scorn him by signifying his struggle against death, and is most widely known as a Raven. The Lady in Black appears as a young woman to give words of love, appears as an old woman to give words of scorn, and in the TDE path disappears with Lucifer only for two dark birds to lead the army of Chaos to the final battle fulfilling the prophecy of a creation of a new demon of Chaos and implying the death of Kagutsuchi throughout the Amala Universe.



Shin Megami Tensei III: NocturneEdit

She appears as a young woman when with the mysterious old man and as an older woman, leading a silent, blonde-haired child around by the hand.

Her true identity is never revealed, but she bears a physical resemblance to Yuko Takao even though the top half of her face is hidden behind her veil. She also hints that she was close to the main character before the Conception and repeats (though inverted) what Yuko says to the protagonist on the rooftop. This is likely a ruse, using figures and words close to the main character to manipulate him into joining her master's cause.

She interacts on behalf of the Old Man and the Young Boy, serving as his mouthpiece for all but the most important moments. She also interacts with the Demi-Fiend through the Peepholes of the Labyrinth of Amala, communicating with him to expand his knowledge of the Vortex World, and offering him a place in the legions of chaos, should he desire it, by reaching into the Fifth Kalpa and accepting her master's blessing.


The Old Woman in Black

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