Last Bible III is the third of four games in the Last Bible series. Unlike the first two games, this game was not released on a portable system.

The game has been fan-translated in English by a user known as Tom. The translation was released on April 12th, 2018.


The game opens with a man, Alek, wandering around in a snowy wasteland, convinced of his death. He eventually finds an entrance to the Demon World and collapses. As he collapses, he remembers his friend, Glenn, and the news of a child.

This child is the main character, a blue haired boy named Ciel (シエル). He begins his adventure by leaving his hometown, and gets caught up in a large RPG story. Ciel must fulfill an ancient prophecy and defeat a great evil, with the help of his friends and recruited monsters.


Last Bible III takes place in a medieval, fantasy world instead of a modern Japanese one, which is in most Megami Tensei games.



Last Bible III features basic RPG elements (leveling up, items, turn-based battles). Like in the previous Last Bible games, the player can recruit monsters. However, this game takes it a step further and allows the player to customize monsters. Monsters can be equipped with items, and level up just like human characters. A new feature during battle is a gauge that tells the player how close a monster is to being recruited. Recruitment of monsters requires correct answers of a few questions.


Title screen
OST cover
Last Bible III Illustration