Last Bible III
Rasuto Baiburu III
Game Information
Developer Multimedia Intelligence Transfer
Publisher Atlus
Genre RPG
Platform Super Famicom
Release Dates
Flag of Japan March 4, 1995

Last Bible III is a Japan-only release from Atlus. Unlike the first two Last Bible games, this one was only released once, and for a non-portable system.


The game opens with a man, Alek, wandering around in a snowy wasteland, convinced of his death. He eventually finds an entrance to the Demon World and collapses. As he collapses, he remembers his friend, Glenn, and the news of a child.

This child is the main character, a blue haired boy named Ciel (シエル). He begins his adventure by leaving his hometown, and gets caught up in a large RPG story. Ciel must fulfill an ancient prophecy and defeat a great evil, with the help of his friends and recruited monsters.


Last Bible III takes place in a medieval, fantasy world instead of a modern Japanese one, which is in most Megami Tensei games.


Last Bible III features basic RPG elements (leveling up, items, turn-based battles). Like in the previous Last Bible games, the player can recruit monsters. However, this game takes it a step further and allows the player to customize monsters. Monsters can be equipped with items, and level up just like human characters. A new feature during battle is a gauge that tells the player how close a monster is to being recruited. Recruitment of monsters requires correct answers of a few questions.


Title screen
OST cover
Last Bible III Illustration

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