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Megami Tensei Gaiden: Last Bible New Testament (女神転生外伝 新約ラストバイブル?) is an RPG developed by Atlus and Bbmf for mobile phones.


  • Japan: September 10, 2007 (iAppli)
  • Japan: January 16, 2008 (S!Appli)
  • Japan: January 17, 2008 (EZAppli)


New Testament is set in a world where monsters and humans live together. Every one-hundred years, a hero called the Gaia Master is called upon to defeat the demon lord. The spelling of Gaia Master is slightly different in this game than it was in the original.


  • Rui (ルイ): The protagonist and a young boy who takes things at his own pace.
  • Alice (アリス): An ordinary girl who joins the party, she is a tsundere with twin-tails. Unlike the protagonist, she cannot equip a shield, but her final attack power is greater than his.
  • Liesel (リゼル): The irresolute and disinherited son of a great shinto priest. His strength is in magic-focus.


New Testament 01
New Testament 02
New Testament 03
New Testament 04

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