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This is a partial list of techniques and skills in Another Bible.


Technique User Cost Range Effect
Shine Blade Cassiel 5 PP 1 Ignore enemy's defense
Convince Pyutia 0 PP 1 Have a Beast join the group
Heavy Smash Wylde 4 PP 1 Attack with double damage
Energy Snatcher Sepia 7 PP 1 Steals enemy's HP
Sneaky Step Stras Auto - Slip past enemies unheard
You Okay!? Freon Auto - Boost Ozone's attack power
MYOB! Ozone Auto - Freon gives attack power
Rival Power Alta Auto - Reenfa's rivalry boosts luck
Rival Power Reenfa Auto - Alta's rivalry boosts luck
Fake Crying Spika Auto - Scream weakens enemies
Call Horse Rei 20 PP - Ride on Michael to gain range
Rewind Esther 10 PP - Restart the current turn
Fire Breath Hiryu Race 5 PP 5 Blast of deadly flame (group)
Zoanthropy Various beasts Auto - Gain power in a full moon



Spell Cost Range Power Target Effect
WndBld 5 PP 1-4 6 Single Swallow in void
Absrb1 4 PP 1-5 5 Single Drain HP
Absrb2 9 PP 1-3 10 Single Drain more HP
Firebll 6 PP 1-6 4 Multiple Fireball attack
Acidic 7 PP 1-5 5 Multiple Raise a storm
Hailstn 9 PP 1-5 8 Multiple Throw rocks
Thundr 10 PP 1-7 10 Multiple Thunder strike
FBreth 10 PP 1-4 10 Multiple Blazing cross
Phalnx 15 PP 1-4 16 Single Medium distance missle


Spell Cost Range Power Target Effect
Heal1 3 PP 1-3 10 Single Restore HP
Heal2 7 PP 1-3 20 Single Restore more HP
Heal3 5 PP 1-7 10 Single Distant healing
AllHeal 30 PP All Allies - Multiple Restore all HP
Strike 5 PP 1-3 - Single Increase power
Shield 9 PP 1-3 - Single Increase defense
Accele 6 PP 1-3 - Single Increase speed
Wings 4 PP 1-3 - Single Makes the unit a Flying unit
WtrWlk 2 PP 1-3 - Single Lets the unit walk on water
Charm 15 PP 1-3 - Single Nullify magic
Dark 3 PP 1-3 - Single Blinds target
Mist 4 PP 1-5 - Multiple Confuses targets

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