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List of Devil Children Red/Black Book Items

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A complete list of items in Devil Children Red Book and Devil Children Black Book.


Healing ItemsEdit

Item Effect Cost Location
Ointment 90
Small Demon Stone 40
Demon Stone Fragment 130
Jewel 210
Chakra Drink 40
Chakra Shake 70
Chakra Parfait 120
Makai Burger 180
Chigaeshi no Tama 1200
Han-Gon Incense 1800
Soma 60

Attack ItemsEdit

Item Effect Cost Location
Sabaki no Magatama
Tenshi no Wakka
Urami no Magatama
Gouka no Magatama 120
Jyaryuu no Kiba
Ice Magatama 120
Yuki no Kanzashi
Wind Magatama 120
Fuujin no Hokuro
Denki no Magatama 120
Kirin Horn
Gaia no Magatama 120
Namazu no Hige
Smoke Bomb 60

Stat Increasing ItemsEdit

Item Effect Cost Location
Attack Capsule 90
Guard Capsule 90
Magic Capsule 90
Speed Capsule 90
Magic Guard Capsule 90
Attack no Okou Increases Attack by 1 point.
Guard no Okou Increases Defense by 1 point.
Magic no Okou Increases Magic by 1 point.
Speed no Okou Increases Speed by 1 point.
Magic Guard no Okou Increases Resistance by 1 point.
Luck no Okou Increases Luck by 1 point.

Overworld ItemsEdit

Item Effect Cost Location
Angel Wing 120
Mayoke no Ofuda Reduces demon encounter rate. 100
Mayose no Ofuda Increases demon encounter rate. 100
Hinyari Map 150
Iwadarake Map 150
Sunamamire Map 150
Harajuku Map 150
Mori no Naka Map 150
Kazan Map 150
Mannaka Map 150
Nazo no Map 150

Music CDsEdit

Item Effect Cost Location
Music CD 1 900
Music CD 2 900
Music CD 3 900
Music CD 4 900
Music CD 5 900
Music CD 6 900
Music CD 7 900
Music CD 8 900
Music CD 9 900
Music CD 10 900
Music CD 11 900
Music CD 12 900


Item Effect Cost Location
Diamond n/a
Magnetite n/a

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