Like its predecessor, Devil Survivor 2 Record Breaker possesses a Titles and Rewards system to reward the player for good performance and to smooth off the difficulty curve as the player replays the game to see different endings. Each Title rewards a number of points, which the player can use to purchase post-game bonuses at the start of a New Game Plus. Bonuses can also be switched off if the player desires, which also refunds all of that title's points. Once the game begins, bonuses cannot be changed until the start of another playthrough.

While the game retains all the titles and bonuses of its predecessor, several point rewards and costs have been changed. A total of 2920 points can be attained. Only 1690 are necessary to use all the bonuses.


Title Effects Points
Survivor Beat the game for the first time. 30
Ronaldo's Confidant Reach Fate Rank 5 with Ronaldo. 10
Io's Confidant Reach Fate Rank 5 with Io. 10
Yamato's Confidant Reach Fate Rank 5 with Yamato. 10
Fumi's Confidant Reach Fate Rank 5 with Fumi. 10
Daichi's Confidant Reach Fate Rank 5 with Daichi. 10
Otome's Confidant Reach Fate Rank 5 with Otome. 10
Jungo's Confidant Reach Fate Rank 5 with Jungo. 10
Makoto's Confidant Reach Fate Rank 5 with Makoto. 10
Keita's Confidant Reach Fate Rank 5 with Keita. 10
Airi's Confidant Reach Fate Rank 5 with Airi. 10
Joe's Confidant Reach Fate Rank 5 with Joe. 10
Hinako's Confidant Reach Fate Rank 5 with Hinako. 10
Al Saiduq's Confidant Reach Fate Rank 5 with Al Saiduq. 10
Demon Collector Register all demons that do not require special fusion. 200
Demon Wrangler Reach 100% Compendium completion. 400
Skillful Crack all possible skills. 250
Liberator Side with Daichi and kill Polaris. 30
Meritorious Side with Yamato and establish his merit system. 30
Egalitarian Side with Ronaldo and create a world of equality. 30
Kingmaker Side with the Anguished One and overthrow Polaris. 30
Restorer Side with Daichi and restore the world to before the invasion. 30
Focused Finish the game without engaging in any (non-bonus) Free Battles. 120
Unkillable Finish the game without any team leaders dying. 200
Triumphant Side with Daichi and gather all the Demon Tamers under either one of his possible causes. 300
Soul Preserver Defeat the Sage of Time in his event. 30
Nebiros Repeller Defeat Nebiros in his event. 60
Spell Breaker Defeat Lilith in her event. 90
Belial Repeller Defeat Belial in his event. 120
Fly Swatter Defeat Beelzebub in his event. 150
Alice Vanquisher Defeat Alice in her event. 200
Dual Survivor Clear both the Septentrione and Triangulum arcs. 90
Miyako's Confidant Reach Fate Rank 5 with Miyako. 10
Guardian Sacrifice yourself to become the Administrator. 30
Endless Battle Choose to wage an endless war against the Administrators. 30
Record Breaker Create a new world, free from the Administrators. 30
Tico Breaker Defeat Tico in their bonus event. 300


Points earned from Titles are used to unlock bonuses for the next playthrough. Some bonuses also have a prerequisite bonus that must be active before they can be purchased. For example: in order to be able to carry over four demons, you must first purchase, and have activated, the bonus that lets you carry over one.

Bonus Pre-Requisite Cost
Retain 1 demon in your registry. -- 50
Retain any 4 demons in your registry. "Retain 1 demon" purchased 150
Retain any 8 demons in your registry. "Retain 4 demons" purchased 250
Retain all demons in your registry. "Retain 8 demons" purchased 500
Retain cracked skills. -- 30
Retain Macca. -- 160
Retain Auction tiers. -- 10
Remove the EXP penalty. -- 30
10% discount for Compendium. -- 40
30% discount for Compendium. "10% Compendium discount" purchased 120
50% discount for Compendium. "30% Compendium discount" purchased 200
Remove fusion level limit. -- 60
Unlock the battles with Nebiros, Belial, and Alice. -- 30
Unlock Mitama fusion. -- 30
Unlock the battle with Tico. -- 30

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