Here are a List of Bosses from Digital Devil Saga: Avatar Tuner.

Main BossesEdit

Boss Level Location
Hayagriva Vanguards Base
Camazotz Maribel Base
Usas Solids Citadel
Camazotz Maribel Base
Atavaka Maribel Base
Rahu Coordinate 136
Camazotz Deserted Ship
Cerberus Samsara Tunnels
Catoblepas Ajna
Isis Ajna
Nidhoggr Ajna
Ravana Ajna
Vasuki Karma Temple
Jatayu Karma Temple
Garuda Karma Temple
Ananta Karma Temple
Harihara Karma Temple

Optional BossesEdit

Boss Level Location
Human Beelzebub Vanguards Base
Feng Huang Vanguards Base
Baihu Maribel Base
Fly Beelzebub Samsara Tunnels (Manipura)
Gui Xian Anahata
Demi-Fiend Anahata
Orochi Samsara Tunnels (Anahata)
King Frost Coordinate 136
Long Ajna
Metatron Ajna
Huang Long Karma Temple

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