This is a list of skills in Megami Ibunroku Persona.


In general, Element and Force types oppose each other, as do Light and Dark. Within subtypes, the pairs Fire and Ice, Wind and Earth, Elec and Nuclear, and Gravity and Blast oppose each other. Personas and Demons have a natural resistance to their Type and Subtype, and a natural weakness to its opposite. [1]


Fire Icon IS
AgiFire28Light Fire damage (1 foe)
MaragiFire All23Light Fire damage (all foes)
AgilaoBlaze53Medium Fire damage (1 foe)
MaragionBlaze All48Medium Fire damage (all foes)
AgidyneInferno100Heavy Fire damage (area)
MaragidyneInferno All95Heavy Fire damage (all foes)

Ice Icon IS
BufuChill24Light Ice damage+Freeze (1 foe)
MabufuChill All21Light Ice damage+Freeze (all foes)
BufulaIce45Medium Ice damage+Freeze (1 foe)
MabufulaIce All38Medium Ice damage+Freeze (all foes)
BufudyneGlacier82Heavy Ice damage+Freeze (area)
MabufudyneGlacier All75Heavy Ice damage+Freeze (all foes)

Wind Icon IS
GaruWind21Light Wind damage (1 foe)
MagaruWind All20Light Wind damage (all foes)
GarulaGust42Medium Wind damage (1 foe)
MagarulaGust All35Medium Wind damage (all foes)
GarudyneGale78Heavy Wind damage (area)
MagarudyneGale All72Heavy Wind damage (all foes)

Earth Icon IS
MagnaTremor26Light Earth damage (1 foe)
MamagnaTremor All23Light Earth damage (all foes)
MagnaraQuake50Medium Earth damage (1 foe)
MamagnaraQuake All46Medium Earth damage (all foes)
MagdyneGishin95Heavy Earth damage (area)
MamagdyneGishin All91Heavy Earth damage (all foes)


Elec Icon IS
ZioFlash24Light Elec damage+Shock (1 foe)
MazioFlash All21Light Elec damage+Shock (all foes)
ZiongaBolt48Medium Elec damage+Shock (1 foe)
MaziongaBolt All39Medium Elec damage+Shock (all foes)
ZiodyneDischarge90Heavy Elec damage+Shock (area)
MaziodyneLightning82Heavy Elec damage+Shock (all foes)

Nuclear Icon P1
FreiBlast47Light Nuclear damage (1 foe)
MegidoNuke80Light Nuclear damage (all foes)
FreilaBlast More64Medium Nuclear damage (1 foe)
MegidolaNuke More110Medium Nuclear damage (all foes)
FreidyneBlast Most76Heavy Nuclear damage (area)
MegidolaonNuke Most130Heavy Nuclear damage (all foes)

Blast Icon P1
ZanRay25Light Blast damage (1 foe)
MazanRay All22Light Blast damage (all foes)
ZanmaWave47Medium Blast damage (1 foe)
MazanmaWave All40Medium Blast damage (all foes)
ZandyneSonic90Heavy Blast damage (area)
MazandyneSonic All84Heavy Blast damage (all foes)

Gravity Icon P1
GryGravity27Light Gravity damage (1 foe)
MagryGravity All24Light Gravity damage (all foes)
GryvaMagnet51Medium Gravity damage (1 foe)
MagryvaMagnet All48Medium Gravity damage (all foes)
GrydyneForce96Heavy Gravity damage (area)
MagrydyneForce All84Heavy Gravity damage (all foes)


Expel Icon P1
HamaHoly -Expel damage/Instant Grave kill (1 foe)
HamaonHolyerExpel damage/Instant Grave kill (area)
MahamaHolyestExpel damage/Instant Grave kill (all foes)
KouhaLight21Light Expel damage each turn (1 foe)
BaikouhaLighter42Medium Expel damage each turn (area)
MakouhaLight All63Heavy Expel damage each turn (all foes)

Expel Icon P1
Heal Icon IS
Alpha BlasterAlpha BlastHP cut by 50% each turn (all foes)
RecarmReviveRevives 1 ally
SamarecarmRevive MoreRevives with full HP (1 ally)
RecarmdraLifeSacrifice life to fully heal party

Heal Icon IS
DiaCureRestores a little HP (1 ally)
MediaCure AllRestores a little HP (all allies)
DiaramaHealRestores moderate HP (1 ally)
MediaramaHeal AllRestores moderate HP (all allies)
DiarahanElixirRestores full HP (1 ally)
Mediarahan Elixir AllRestores full HP (all allies)
PatraBlessCures ailments (1 ally)
Pen PatraBless AllCures 1 degree of ailments (all allies)
PosumudiPoison CureCures Poison status (1 ally)
ParaladiPara CureCures Paralyze status (1 ally)
PetradiPetri CureCures Stone status (1 ally)
NervundiIll CureCures Sick status (1 ally)

Occult Icon P1
TarukajaSTR UpRaises Attack (all allies)
TarundaSTR DropLowers Attack (all foes)
RakukajaDEF UpRaises Defense (all allies)
RakundaDEF DropLowers Defense (all foes)
SukukajaACU UpRaises Hit Rate (all allies)
SukundaACU DropLowers Hit Rate (all foes)
MakakajaMAG UpRaises Magic (all allies)
DekundaRestore PowRemove stat penalties (all allies)
DekajaPOW ReturnRemoves stat bonuses (all foes)
TetrajaMagi ShieldRemoves LV decrease (all allies)
TetrakarnPhysi WallReflects 25% physical damage, 1 turn
MakarakarnMagic WallReflects 25% magic damage, 1 turn


Death Icon IS
Ailment Icon IS
MudoDead -Death damage/Instant Angel kill (1 foe)
MudoonMore DeadDeath damage/Instant Angel kill (area)
MamudoExtinctDeath damage/Instant Angel kill (all foes)
EihaCurse21Light Death damage each turn (1 foe)
BaeihaCurse More42Medium Death damage each turn (area)
MaeihaCurse All63Heavy Death damage each turn (all foes)

Death Icon IS
Ailment Icon IS
Omega ClusterOmega CrushKill 1 target per turn (all foes)
DeathtikaDeathInstant Curse kill (1 foe)
PetramaPetrifyInflicts Stone status (1 foe)
ParalamaParalyzeInflicts Paralyze status (1 foe)
PoismaPoisonInflicts Poison status (1 foe)
NervmaSicknessInflict Sick status (1 foe)

Ailment Icon IS
ShibabooBindInflicts Bind status (area)
DecoverCease HealNo HP recovery for 3 turns (1 foe)
DorminaSlumberInflicts Sleep status (area)
PulinpaConfuseInflicts Panic status (area)
HapirmaJoyInflicts Happy status (area)
Marin KarinMezmeriseInflicts Charm status (area)
MakajamMagic SealInflicts Mute status (area)
DelyteBlind LightInflicts Blind status (area)
SlumpaBad LuckInflicts Unlucky status (area)
DesangaNo ChangeNo Persona change for 3 turns (1 foe)

Occult Icon P1
BalzacBerserkGives Fury status/Cures Ailments (1 ally)
DoroidCyberGives Puppet status (1 ally)
DoronpaInvisibleGives Cloak status (1 ally)
MadorWildmanGives Berserk status/Cures ailments (1 ally)
QuikkaAttack BackGives Counter status (1 ally)
WolvaanWolfGives Beast status/Cures ailments (1 ally)


Other Icon P1
Occult Icon P1
  • Estoma and Traesto didn't exist in the original release of the game. They were only added in the remake.
Estoma - -Wards off weak foes
OutomaIntimi Mag25% chance to escape battle
LiftomaTrap CureTemporarily nulls damage floors
Traesto -Warps you to the dungeon entrance
AlsangaSpirit NormRestores Persona change ability
HieroglypheinBoss Damage135???

Boss-only skillsEdit

Paralyze PuncturePara NeedleHeavy non-elemental damage + Paralyze (all foes)Pandora (1st form)
All GuardNullfies all attacks for one turn (self)Pandora (2nd form, blue hair), Queen Asura (left head)
Butterfly StormB-StormHeavy non-elemental damage + random ailments (all foes)Pandora (2nd form, red hair)
Symphony of LamentSymphonyInflicts Guilt status (all foes)Pandora (2nd form, blue hair), Queen Asura (left head)
Panic VoiceCrazy VoiceInflicts Panic status (area)God Kandori, Lady Masquerade
Dark SlumberDark SleepMedium non-elemental damage + Sleep (all foes)Hypnos
Revenge LeakRevengeHeavy non-elemental damage (one foe)Nemesis
Absolute ZeroA-ZeroHeavy Ice damage + Freeze (all foes)Lady Snow


Hell Eyes -Instant Death kill (1 foe)Death
Petra EyesPetri EyesInflicts Stone status (1 foe)
Paral EyesPara EyesInflict Parayze status (1 foe)
Guilt EyesInflicts Guilt status (1 foe)
Terror EyesTerri EyesInflicts Fear status (1 foe)
Sexy DanceInflicts Charm status (area)Nerve
Happy DanceInflicts Happy status (area)
Hula of MisfortuneHula DanceInflicts Unlucky status (area)
Tango of DispellingTangoInflicts Mute status (area)
Waltz of SadnessWaltzInflicts Guilt status (area)
LullabySleep SongInflicts Sleep status (area)
Panic VoiceInflicts Panic status (area)
Bind VoiceInflicts Bind status (area)
Frenzy SongFear SongInflicts Fear status (area)
Candy VoiceInflicts Charm status (area)
Passionate KissHot LipsLowers LV + Paralyze (1 male foe)Death
Demon's KissDemon KissLowers LV + Paralyze (1 female foe)
Evil SmileDevil SmileLowers LV + Paralyze (1 human foe)
DeathtouchDeath TouchLowers experience (1 foe)
Fire Breath70Medium Fire damage (area)Fire
Ice Breath48Medium Ice damage+Freeze (area)Ice
Poison BreathPoison Air42Medium Nerve damage+Poison (area)Nerve
Fog BreathBright Air37Medium Nerve damage+Blind (area)
Water WallAqua Wall -Party absorbs 50% Ice spells, 3 turnsOther
Fire WallParty absorbs 50% Fire spells, 3 turns
Steel WallParty reflects 25% phys damage, 2 turns (PSP)
Party reflects 25% damage, 3 turns (PS)
Crystal WallGlass WallParty reflects 25% spell damage, 2 turns (PSP)
Party reflects 25% damage, 3 turns (PS)
Crimson SublationRed Fire62Medium Fire damage (area)Fire
Azure CessationBlue Fire65Medium Fire damage (area)
Gentle WaveFreezer50Medium Ice damage+Freeze (area)Ice
Mighty WaveIcy48Medium Ice damage+Freeze (area)
Earthly VortexGale Wind49Medium Wind damage (area)Wind
Heavenly CycloneTwister45Medium Wind damage (area)
Hell DropRitcher53Medium Earth damage (area)Earth
Gokuraku FallDestruct57Medium Earth damage (area)
Eastern ImpactSonar52Medium Blast damage (area)Blast
Western BlowSonic Wave55Medium Blast damage (area)
ShuuraigekiLighten56Medium Elec damage+Shock (area)Elec
SanraigekiElectro51Medium Elec damage+Shock (area)
Eternal BlackEternity79Heavy Curse damage (area)Curse
Dark VerdictJudgement106Heavy Curse damage (area)
Eternal WhiteHoly White78Heavy Miracle damage (area)Miracle
Bright JudgementHoly Word96Heavy Miracle damage (area)
Luna TrapLunar Trap -Prevents escape from battle, 3 turnsOther


Physical Icon IS
Feral ClawScratch15Light Tech damage (1 foe)
Genocide FanGiant Pin20Light Tech damage (1 foe)
Spin Kick10Light Tech damage (1 foe)
Thunder KickLight Kick35Light Tech damage (1 foe)
Poison ClawPoison Nail15Light Tech damage+Poison (1 foe)
Stun ClawPara Nail20Light Tech damage+Paralyze (1 foe)
Virus ClawViri NailLight Tech damage+Sick (1 foe)
Stone ClawPetri NailLight Tech damage+Petrify (1 foe)
Needle RushMulti Pin15Light Tech damage (area)
Toxic StingPoison Pin10Light Tech damage+Poison (area)
Stun NeedlePara Pin15Light Tech damage+Paralyze (area)
Lightning KickDeath Kick50Medium Tech damage (area)

Physical Icon IS
Feral BiteBite10Light Rush damage (1 foe)
Beak5Light Rush damage (1 foe)
Wing FlapLight Rush damage (1 foe)
DiveDive Bomb15Light Rush damage (1 foe)
Spike Claw25Light Rush damage (1 foe)
Death Claw30Light Rush damage (1 foe)
Venom BitePoison Bite10Light Rush damage+Poison (1 foe)
Stun BitePara Bite20Light Rush damage+Paralyze (1 foe)
Virus BiteViri BiteLight Rush damage+Sick (1 foe)
Stone BitePetri BiteLight Rush damage+Stone (1 foe)
Squash70Medium Rush damage (1 foe)
Tackle50Medium Rush damage (1 foe)
BonecrusherBone Crush60Medium Rush damage (1 foe)
Heavenly HitTackle More85Heavy Rush damage (1 foe)
Megaton RaidMega Raid100Heavy Rush damage (1 foe)

1 Hand
Sword Icon IS
Twin Slash60Medium Sword damage (1 foe)
Heat Wave85Heavy Sword damage (1 foe)
Deathbound100Heavy Sword damage (1 foe)
2 Hand
Two Hand Icon P1
Ichimonji SlashDual Sword65Medium Two-Hand damage (1 foe)
Wolf FangAir Slice90Heavy Two-Hand damage (1 foe)
Triple SliceTriple Hit105Heavy Two-Hand damage (area)
Spear Icon P1
Double ThrustDual Stab40Medium Spear damage (area)
Dragon WhirlDragon Spear70Heavy Spear damage (1 foe)
Burning SpearMagmaheat95Heavy Spear damage (area)
Axe Icon P1
Flurry StabRapid Fall80Heavy Axe damage (1 foe)
Destruction SmashHoly Bound110Heavy Axe damage (1 foe)
Earth SlicerAxe Bomb145Heavy Axe damage (1 foe)
Whip Icon P1
Love Whip30Light Whip damage (area)
Infinite SpiralDead Whip45Medium Whip damage (area)
Moon ShattererMoon Whip60Medium Whip damage (area)
Strike Icon IS
Twinkle PunchStar Punch5Light Fist damage (1 foe)
Fist of FuryIron Punch20Light Fist damage (1 foe)
Deadly FistKill Punch45Medium Fist damage (area)

Thrown Icon IS
Fastball35Light Thrown damage (area)
Darkness NailGrounder55Medium Thrown damage (area)
Sonic BulletFloater75Heavy Thrown damage (area)
Arrow Icon P1
Rapid FireMulti Bow50Medium Arrow damage (area)
Myriad ArrowsSad Attack65Medium Arrow damage (area)
Arrow VolleyIce Arrow85Heavy Arrow damage (area)
Ranged2 Icon IS
Machinegun Icon P1
Shotgun Icon P1
Rifle Icon P1
Single Shot10Light Handgun damage (1 foe)
Drive Shot15Light Machine Gun damage (1 foe)
Middle ShotMid Shot5Light Machine Gun damage (1 foe)
Powder Shot30Light Shotgun damage (area)
Long Shot20Light Rifle damage (1 foe)


Physical Icon IS
DissolventEvil Serum151 damage each turn (1 foe)
Sweet Trap50Special Phys damage (1 foe)
Drumroll PunchDrum Punch45 *Random damage (area)
Viper Smash30 *Special Phys damage+Charge (1 foe)
Last ResortDestructVaries *Heavy special Phys damage (all foes)
Binal StrikeBi StrikeVaries *Special Phys damage; user dies (area)
Self-DestructReact -Instant kill; user dies (1 foe)

Debug skillsEdit

These skills are present in the game's data, but attempting to use them will crash the game. Clone was present in the PSX version of the game and was exclusive to Adramelech, but was removed from the PSP port for unknown reasons.

PSP Revelations
Mappa -Shows a map of the area
SummonSummons multiple demons
CloneMultiply20Split into two
Crawling Chaos -Boss-only spell
Dark Mirror
Fire Arrow
Devil's Wall
Bloody Rose
B *
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