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This list is chronologically ordered. It is divided into mandatory bosses, then optional bosses.

Mandatory BossesEdit

Boss Race Level Location Remarks
Minotaur Jaki 12 Devil Busters Reward: Orb of Silence
Nebiros Night 17 Shelter -
Jabberwocky Wilder 16 Shinagawa Underpass Reward: Solomon's Ring
Balam Jaki 29 Shibuya Reward: Moon Pillar
Vetala Haunt 35 Korakuen Reward: Earth Seal
Apollyon Kaijuu 40 Ikebukuro Reward: Inverted Cross
Leonard Night 30 Ueno Reward: Jupiter Pillar
Pazuzu Tyrant 50 Shinjuku Reward: Mars Pillar
Mammon Vile 52 Gates of Mammon -
Vritra Kaijuu 53 Taishidou Temple Reward: Venus Piller
Bael Tyrant 70 Bael's Castle Reward: Orb of Sorrow
Smash the frog -> Bad End route
Capture it -> Good End route
Tiamat Kaijuu 72 Ground Zero Passage -
Hydra Kaijuu 48 Valley of Despair Guards the Flood Tide Orb
Asmodai Tyrant 80 Reward: Orb of Insanity
Belial Tyrant 90 Fields of Lunacy Reward: Orb of Anger
Echidna Vile 54 Lands of Rage Reward: Dull Orb
Moloch Tyrant 95 Reward: Orb of Doubt
Astaroth Tyrant 105 Forest of Confusion Reward: Orb of Fear
Beelzebub Tyrant 110 Mountain of Horror "Bad End" route boss
Refuse merger -> Bad End route
Allow merger -> Good End route
Lucifer Tyrant 120 Lucifer's Castle "Bad End" route boss
Dont recruit -> Bad End route
Recruit -> Good End route
Asura Vile 100 Suzuki Company Ltd. "Bad End" route boss
Belphegor Vile 80 -
Satan Tyrant 135 "Bad End" Final Boss
YHVH God 150 ? Final Boss
Obey -> Law Ending
Fight -> Neutral Ending

Optional BossesEdit

Boss Race Level Location Remarks
Basilisk Kaijuu 31 Ginza Reward: Amitabha's Might
Nidhoggr Kaijuu 55 Devil Busters 2 Reward: Devil Analyzer *
Belphegor Vile 80 Belphegor's Tower Reward: Vajra
Mitra Tyrant 100 Northwest Tower Reward: Lucifer's Armor

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