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List of Persona 4: Dancing All Night Characters

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This is a list of characters from Persona 4: Dancing All Night.

Player charactersEdit

Story ModeEdit

Free Dance OnlyEdit

Non-Player CharactersEdit

  • Protagonist
  • Ryotaro Dojima
  • Minoru Inoue
  • Sumomo Ujima - A young woman and one of the members of Kanamin Kitchen.
  • Tomoe Sayama - A mature woman and one of the members of Kanamin Kitchen.
  • Tamami Uesugi - A young woman and one of the members of Kanamin Kitchen.
  • Nozomi Nakahara - A tomboy and one of the members of Kanamin Kitchen.
  • Kyoka Ochimizu - She's a producer of LMB Fest.
  • Dance Instructor - He is a dance choreographer of Takura Productions. His real name was never revealed, but Kanami referred to him as Coach.
  • Yuko Osada - She was an idol seen in the chapter 0-1, where she presumably died by hanging herself with a long yellow decorative ribbon. Later, somehow one of Yuko's page of her diary ended up in the Circus Tent where she was unhappy of her job as an idol and wanted someone who would understand her. In the next stage, Sultry Lounge, that before she completed suicide that she was supposed to perform that song, "The Morning Glory, Calystegia" as she has stage fright, as she was scared of singing, and her fans expectations. She used to work at Takura Productions. In Rise's side, another page of her diary found in Doll House, where she felt guilty about something that someone she knows. The last of her page was found in Romantic Castle, where she becomes obsessed of bonding with everyone, but she make a big mistake of changing the lyrics and she was going to put an end to this. In chapter 5, it is revealed that she and Ochimizu know each other and that they shared a certain connection.
  • Female Reporter: Appears in Chapter 1-3, she is the entertainment reporter for the LMB Festival.
  • Suspicious Man: He appears in Chapter 4-2. A fanatic who saw the cursed video and hoped to lift Yuko Osada's curse by getting Kanami's blood. He found Kanami but could not recognize her plain appearance, and was stopped by Ryotaro.
  • MC: He appears in Chapter 6-5.

Non-Story Mode CharactersEdit


  • The Suspicious Man is the only character where his mouth doesn't not move it all.


P4D announcer
Female Reporter in Dance
MC in Dance
P4D Suspicious Man protrait
Suspicious Man in Dance

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