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This is a list of characters from Persona 4 and Persona 4 Golden.

Player charactersEdit

Non-Player CharactersEdit


Yasogami High SchoolEdit

  • Mr. Kondo - P.E. and English Teacher. Also the adviser for the Basketball and Soccer Club.
  • Mr. Yamada - Geography Teacher, frequently makes inappropriate comments about female students.
  • Mr. Hosoi - Classical Literature Teacher, has a small handpuppet of himself.
Classroom Building, 1F
  • Slouching student - A prankster who regards himself as a ladies man.
  • Girl in glasses - A craft enthusiast who goes to Master Daidara for art criticism.
  • Athletic student - A student in P.E. uniform who regularly takes up mountain climbing.
  • Female student - A first year student who's looking to the protagonist for dating tips.
  • Male student - A plus-sized student who cares for his grandmother.
Classroom Building, 2F
  • Ms. Kimiko Sofue aka Queen Tut - World History Teacher and sister of Gekkoukan High's Mr. Ono.
  • Plain student - A female student who goes to lengths to be fashionable.
  • Stylish student - A flirtatious male student who finally decides on a girl he likes.
  • Guy in glasses - A studious student who finds going to cram school feels so much better.
  • Male student - A student in Classroom 2-2 who has eyes for the girl on the roof.
  • Male student - A student in Classroom 2-2 who had a fight with his friends but has since made up.
  • Timid female student - A paranoid student in Classroom 2-2 with requests for all sorts of protective charms.
  • Female student - A student in Classroom 2-2 who is friends with Timid female student.
  • Shy student - A female student who talks a lot about her Senpai.
Classroom Building, 3F
  • Mrs. Nakayama - Math Teacher. Superstitious to a fault and very concerned with her finances.
  • Funky student - A male student with a stylish afro hairdo. Gives riddle-related Quests.
  • Female student - A student with nothing but studying in her mind.
  • Lazy male student - A student who would rather go for part-time jobs for local businesses.
Practice Building, 1F
  • Depressed student - A female student who reminiscences about her time with a childhood friend.
  • Male student - A crystal radio enthusiast who hopes to hear the voice of a girl he heard from his radio.
  • Brunette and Almond-eye students - Two female students who gossips loudly outside the Home Ec room.
Practice Building, 2F
  • Male student - An athletic student who over time loses interest with the female student he's seeing.
  • Female student - A student who is concerned of her relationship with the athletic male student.
  • Paranoid student - A male student who is worried his friend who keeps borrowing his notes is doing better than him.
  • Artisan apprentice - A male student with aspirations to be the best craftsman.
  • Homely student - A female student with crafting skills and certain requests for materials.
  • Long-haired girl - A shy student who loves animals and aspires to be a vet.
  • Weather fanatic - A female student who wants to be a meteorologist and gives the weather forecast.

Central Shopping DistrictEdit

  • Lazy student - A student waiting at the bus stop who can't stop talking about the girl he likes.
  • Avid reader - A customer of the Yomenaido Bookstore with info on latest releases.
  • Out-of-towner - A man in a suit who is trying to get used to countryside life.
  • Drunk boss - A businessman who spends the night out with his subordinate.
  • Errand boy - A young boy who is frequently sent out to errands by his sister.
  • Loud old man - An old man who complaints a lot, and knows the history of the town.
  • Shopping woman - A woman named Sachiko-chan who tends to the loud old man.
  • Bug-catching kid - A boy in Tatsuhime Shrine who teaches the player on bug-catching skills.
  • Mature little girl - A girl who argues with Precocious little girl over Shota, but later decides for a dependable boy and becomes her BFF.
  • Precocious little girl - A girl who argues with Mature little girl over Shota, but later decides for a dependable boy and becomes her BFF.
  • Lady in white - A ghostly kimono-clad female seeking fish to trade for jewels.
  • Carefree guy - A slacker who talks about his better friend and conspiracy theories.
  • Woman - A housewife who likes to cook.
  • Man in suit - A school teacher who talks about his students.
  • Motorcycle lover - A guy who boasts a lot about his biking hobby and wishes for a girlfriend to share that passion.
  • The seemingly brave old man - A Shiroku Pub patron who increases the protagonist's Courage.
  • The intelligent-looking worker - A Shiroku Pub patron who increases the protagonist's Knowledge.
  • The talkative man - A Shiroku Pub patron who increases the protagonist's Expression.
  • The grumbling young man - A Shiroku Pub patron who increases the protagonist's Understanding.

Samegawa Flood PlainEdit

  • Old man - Teaches the player on how to fish at the Samegawa and the Beach.
  • Old woman - Lives with her daughter at home.
  • Kind man - Works at the Souzai Daigaku.
  • Cat - Can be fed fish and later gives birth to a Striped kitten and Tiny kitten.

Junes Department StoreEdit

  • Fussy housewife - A woman at the West Entrance that wants the protagonist to eat plenty of vegetables.
  • Housewife in farming clothes - A woman near the trolleys who sells various seeds to plant in the garden.

Okina CityEdit

Available in Golden.

  • Mumon - Owner of Cafe Chagall, who blends coffees of an acquired taste.
  • Reiko Osa - The charismatic fashionista and owner of Croco Fur.
  • Plainly dressed woman - A woman seeing a Well-dressed man.
  • Woman shopping - Croco Fur enthusiast.
  • Tired man - A hardworking businessman who is concerned with making new products for his company.
  • Woman with heavy makeup - A woman falling for her childhood friend who grew up to be a manly man.
  • Excitable, Dull and Hungry young men - movie enthusiasts that hang around 30 Frame.
  • Movie theater worker - 30 Frame worker and Crane Game promoter.
  • Film buff girl - Movie enthusiast whose excitable inquiries into movie making stopped her from making friends with the three young men.
  • Young police officer - A policeman standing outside the police booth that the protagonist can flirt with.
  • Frantic middle-aged woman - A housewife who is looking for her Mika-chan and Minori-chan as part of Quests 54 and 61.
  • Tough girl and Creepy girl - Two friends with two different worldviews who care for each other..

Velvet Room & Midnight ChannelEdit

Story EventsEdit

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