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This is the list of Personas appear in Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth.

Innate PersonasEdit

Persona 3
Orpheus00.0FoolWk: Elec, Dark
Messiah21.0WorldNu: Light / Rs: Fire, Ice, Elec, Wind / Wk: Dark
Yukari Io06.0LoversRs: Wind / Wk: Elec
IsisRs: Wind, Light / Wk: Elec
Junpei Hermes01.0MagicianRs: Fire / Wk: Wind
TrismegistusRs: Fire, Light / Wk: Wind
Akihiko Polydeuces04.0EmperorRs: Elec / Wk: Ice
CaesarRs: Elec, Cut / Wk: Ice
Mitsuru Penthesilea03.0EmpressRs: Ice / Wk: Fire
ArtemisiaRs: Ice, Light / Wk: Fire
Fuuka Lucia02Priestessn/a
Aigis Palladion07.0ChariotRs: Stab / Wk: Elec
AthenaRs: Stab, Wind / Wk: Elec
Koromaru Cerberus11.0StrengthNu: Dark / Rs: Fire / Wk: Light
Ken Nemesis08.0JusticeRs: Light / Wk: Dark
Kala-NemiNu: Light / Wk: Dark
Shinjiro Castor05.0Hierophant None
Persona 4
Izanagi00.0FoolNu: Dark / Rs: Elec / Wk: Wind
Izanagi-no-Okami21.0WorldNu: Dark / Rs: Cut, Bash, Stab, Fire, Ice, Elec, Wind
Yosuke Jiraiya01.0MagicianRs: Wind / Wk: Elec
Susano-ORs: Wind, Fire / Wk: Elec
Chie Tomoe07.0ChariotRs: Ice / Wk: Fire
Suzuka GongenRs: Ice, Light / Wk: Fire
Yukiko Konohana Sakuya02PriestessRs: Fire / Wk: Ice
AmaterasuRs: Fire, Elec / Wk: Ice
Kanji Take-Mikazuchi04.0EmperorRs: Elec / Wk: Wind
Rokuten MaohRs: Elec, Bash / Wk: Wind
Rise Himiko06.0Loversn/a
Teddie Kintoki-Douji17.0StarRs: Ice / Wk: Elec
KamuiRs: Ice, Wind, Dark / Wk: Elec
Naoto Sukuna-Hikona10.0FortuneRs: Light, Dark
Yamato-TakeruNu: Light, Dark / Rs: Fire
Zen and Rei n/aRs: Dark / Wk: Light

Zen and Rei do not possess and cannot possess any Persona. Their inclusion in this list is merely for the sake of completion.


  • DLC exclusive
  • ↓$ Paid DLC exclusive

Note: DLC Sub-Personas can be summoned once and only once for free, even if the player does not save after summoning.

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