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Demons from Shin Megami Tensei: 20XX Devil's Colosseum. The races were renamed in this game, and are classified in Superior, Common and Lower classes.

Superior ClassesEdit

The most powerful. Generally gods.

神性, DivinityEdit

Demon Level
Vishnu* 80
Baal 73
Belobog 68
Odin 63
Anat 59
Thor 55

悪神, Evil GodsEdit

Demon Level
Ahura Mazda 99
Shiva 83
Bishamonten 70
Seiten Taisei 65
Nalagiri 50

竜精, Dragonic SpiritsEdit

Demon Level
Huang Long* 65
Seiryuu 40
Pek Young 26
Nozuchi 19
Naga 13

Common ClassesEdit

Humans, animals, regular life forms.

野獣, BestialEdit

Demon Level
Kerberos 50
Selket 35
Nekomata 22
Garm 14

天人, Heavenly BeingsEdit

Demon Level
Michael* 80
Metatron 68
Raphael 50
Virtue 35
Haniel 22
Angel 15

戦人, BattlerEdit

Demon Level
Yaksa 70
Shuten Doji 58
Yaksini 38
Hannya 15
Bogle 10

魔法使, Magic UsersEdit

Demon Level
Ganesha 50
Cu Chulain 36
Lilim 25
Jack Frost 19
Pixie 12

魔人, Fiends Edit

Demon Level
Alice* 55
Ghost Q ?
Matador ?

Lower ClassesEdit

Demons and evil spirits.

悪魔主, Devil Lord Edit

Demon Level
Lucifer* 99
Angra Mainyu 92
Aka Manah 85
Loki 72
Astaroth 55
Hecate 40

幽霊, GhostsEdit

Demon Level
Vetala 41
Yaka 22
Preta 16
Will O' Wisp 5
Ghost 1

Secret classEdit

秘密, SecretEdit

Demon Level
God 99
True 90
Sanctity 76
Lie 66
Sin 49

Bossess Edit

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