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Skills from Shin Megami Tensei: 20XX.

Healing SpellsEdit

Spell Target Cost Effect
Dia 1 ally 2 MP Restores a low amount of HP
Media All allies 5 MP Restores a low amount of HP
Diarahan 1 ally 8 MP Restores all HP
Mediarahan All allies 15 MP Restores all HP
Recarm 1 ally 20 MP Brings back from the dead with low HP
Recarmdora 1 ally 30 MP Sacrifices the caster to revive and summon 1 ally with 50% HP
Samerecarm 1 ally ? Brings back from the dead with all HP

Almighty Spells Edit

  • Megido
  • Megidola
  • Megidolaon

Light Spells Edit

  • Hama
  • Hamaon
  • Mahama
  • Mahamaon

Thunder Spells Edit

  • Zio
  • Zionga
  • Ziodyne
  • Mazio
  • Mazionga
  • Maziodyne

Force Spells Edit

Classified as 'Wind Element" in game.

  • Zan
  • Zanma
  • Zandyne
  • Mazan
  • Mazanma
  • Mazandyne

Fire Spells Edit

  • Agi
  • Agilao
  • Agidyne
  • Maragi
  • Maragirao
  • Maragidyne

Ice Spells Edit

  • Bufu
  • Bufula
  • Bufudyne
  • Mabufu
  • Mabufula
  • Mabufudyne

Dark Spells Edit

Classified as "Curse" in game.

  • Mudo
  • Mudoon
  • Mamudo
  • Mamudoon

Undead skills Edit

Undead race demons only.

  • Zombify (Inflicts "Undead" to 1 random enemy).

Physical Skills Edit

  • Punch
  • Kick
  • Conscript
  • Swing Tail/Sword
  • Bite
  • Claw
  • Dance
  • Suck

Ailments Edit

  • Freeze
  • Shocked
  • Burned
  • Stone
  • Panic (Feeling strange, acts randomly)
  • Paralyze
  • Poison
  • Undead (HP becomes 0, but the character/demon randomly attacks enemies or allies until the end of battle, when they literally die).
  • Charm (attacks party members)

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