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This is a list of the bosses appearing in Shin Megami Tensei: if....

Regular RoutesEdit

Demon Level
Melusine * 9
Faunus * 9
Otsuki (1st Form) 11
Vine 15
Otsuki (2nd Form) 18
Parasite 20
Balam 36
Lilith * 52
Amdusias * 44
Otsuki (3rd Form) 46
Chefei (1st Form) * 20
Chefei (2nd Form) * 28
Chefei (3rd Form) * 36
Chefei (4th Form) * 47
Chefei (5th Form) * 51
Chefei (6th Form) * 57
Chefei (7th Form) * 63
Chefei (8th Form) * 70
Otsuki (4th Form) 65
Hazama 80
Hazama (Warped Mind) * 90

Akira's RouteEdit

Unlike the other bosses of the regular routes, they do not have a ring that is needed to return the School back to the real world from the Expanse. They must be defeated to proceed to the next floor of the Land of Nomos.

Demon Level
Sobek 25
Hathor 38
Thoth 42
Siren 38
Druj 54
Apaosha 22
Bushyasta 40
Mammon 58
Ahi Dahaka 69
Hazama 125

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