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This is a list of boss characters from Shin Megami Tensei II.


Story bossesEdit

RangerRed Bear10Neutral-Law -
YomaMercurius14Neutral-LawAs a boss
DrakeBasilisk20Dark-Chaos -
TyrantKing Frost22Dark-Chaos -
FallenBetelgeuse24Neutral-ChaosAs a boss
RangerDaleth20Neutral-Neutral -
RangerDaleth II23Neutral-Neutral -
RangerZayin25Neutral-Law -
RangerDaleth III26Neutral-Neutral -
FallenBaphomet37Neutral-Chaos -
KunitsuSarutahiko43Light-Chaos -
TyrantBelphegor50Dark-Chaos -
HeraldUriel38Light-Law -
HeraldRaphael50 -
HeraldMichael54 -
GodlyFake YHVH69Light-Law -
TyrantHecate42Dark-ChaosNew Moon only
YomaMaster Therion54Neutral-LawFull Moon only
DrakeTiamat50Dark-Chaos -
TyrantAstaroth52Dark-Chaos -
TyrantAbaddon58Dark-Chaos -
FallenGomory67Neutral-ChaosLaw & Neutral routes †
ShinshouKumbhira38Light-Neutral -
ShinshouVajra38 -
ShinshouMihira37 -
ShinshouAndira37 -
ShinshouMajira36 -
ShinshouSandira36 -
ShinshouIndara35 -
ShinshouPajira35 -
ShinshouMakura34 -
ShinshouSindura34 -
ShinshouCatura40 -
ShinshouVikarala40 -
DeityAtavaka62Light-Neutral -
TyrantLucifuge30Dark-ChaosLaw & Neutral routes
TyrantMara69Law & Neutral routes *
TyrantLucifer99Law & Neutral routes
Drake /
Kuzuryu80Dark-Chaos /
Dark-Neutral †
Neutral route
GodlySabaoth77Light-LawChaos & Neutral routes
GodlyShaddai85Chaos & Neutral routes
GodlyElohim93Chaos & Neutral routes
GodlySatan100Chaos & Neutral routes
GodlyYHVH108 -

Optional bossesEdit

YomaJanus33Neutral-LawIf Nadja was not found
RangerGimmel50Neutral-Law -
DeityVirochana70Light-NeutralLaw & Neutral routes
FiendGhost Q16Dark-NeutralDrops the strongest
weapons in the game
FiendHell's Angel35
FiendSage of Time50
TyrantBeelzebub80Dark-ChaosUltimate Boss

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