SocksStretchy clothing you wear on your feet. They wear out, so always have a lot around.171
TieClothing that men wrap around their necks. Not your style, but can be used as a tourniquet.176
LeggingsUnderwear that clings to your body. Invaluable on cold days! Similar to tights...180
TightsUnderwear that clings to your body. Invaluable on cold days! Similar to leggings...185
SandalFootwear with supreme breathability. But low durability makes them unfit for combat.190
SneakersExercise shoes. Comfortable and easy to move around in.2282
SweaterSuperb at conserving body heat. Weak to Agi attacks, so caution is needed.2301
SkirtNormally worn by women. Asahi owns a lot of these.2320
VestTop with no sleeves. Comes in both formal and bulletproof varieties.2359
UndershirtInnerwear worn on the upper body. You can never have too many of these.2340
BootsTall footwear typically made of leather. You like them because of how tough they are.3704
CamisoleUnderwear for women. It seems Asahi has a few of these.3752
UnderwearWomen wear these. ...So do some men!3800
SwimsuitClothes made for going into the water. You rarely have an opportunity to use this.42240
JeansDurable pants. Long ago, people used to make holes in these on purpose.41760
KimonoTraditional outfit since ancient Japan. Hardly worn these days though.42120
High HeelsShoes with raised heels mainly worn by women. Inconvenient when being chased by demons.42000
CorsetApparently, women wore these with dresses. Perhaps it serves some medical purpose?41880
Maid OutfitAn outfit that women wore in some cafes in Tokyo. You wonder who "made" this outfit...54700
Elegant SuitAn elegant suit. But no purpose in wearing this now.55000
Elegant ShoesElegant leather shoes. But no purpose in wearing these now.55300
Elegant DressAn elegant dress. Maybe you should have saved this for a present...55600