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Agi StoneWeak Fire attack, 1 enemy3015015
Agilao StoneMedium Fire attack, 1 enemy3030040
Maragi StoneWeak Fire attack, all enemies3040030
Bufu StoneWeak Ice attack, 1 enemy3015015
Bufula StoneMedium Ice attack, 1 enemy3030040
Mabufu StoneWeak Ice attack, all enemies3040030
Zio StoneWeak Elec attack, 1 enemy3015015
Zionga StoneMedium Elec attack, 1 enemy3030040
Mazio StoneWeak Elec attack, all enemies3040030
Zan StoneWeak Force attack, 1 enemy3015015
Zanma StoneMedium Force attack, 1 enemy3030040
Mazan StoneWeak Force attack, all enemies3040030
Hama StoneWeak Light attack, 1 enemy3030030
Hamaon StoneHeavy Light attack, 1 enemy3060060
Mahama StoneWeak Light attack, all enemies3080080
Mudo StoneWeak Dark attack, 1 enemy3030030
Mudoon StoneHeavy Light attack, 1 enemy3060060
Mamudo StoneWeak Dark attack, all enemies3080080
Megido StoneWeak Almighty attack, all enemies30 - 150
Megidola StoneMedium Almighty attack, all enemies30 - ?
Needle Orb Weak gun attack, all enemies3030030
Knockout GasInflicts Sleep, 1 enemy3020020
Poison GasInflicts Poison, 1 enemy3020020
Nerve GasInflicts Bind, 1 enemy3020020
Attack MirrorRepels 1 turn of Phys/Gun attacks, all allies10?5,000
Magic MirrorRepels 1 turn of non-ailment magic attacks, all allies10?5,000
Tetraja StoneNulls one Light or Dark attack, all allies30?500
Dekaja StoneRemoves status buffs, all enemies30 - 250
Dekunda StoneRemoves status debuffs, all allies30 - 250
Summon Stone Summon/return a demon & revive from KO, 1 ally5 - 3,000

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