ScrunchieAsahi said these are hair accessories. She ties her hair with one sometimes.171
FoundationApplied directly to the face. Asahi does not use this very much.185
EyelinerMakeup applied around one's eyes. Watching it be applied makes you squeamish.180
Makeup BoxBox for storing makeup. In a pinch, can also store ammunition.190
Nail PolishMakeup applied on one's nails. Can also serve as a form of glue.2282
EyeshadowMakeup applied to one's eyelids. Women are so particular about these things.2301
Facial PackDisposable paper to moisturize one's face. Asahi's roommate uses these.2320
Eyebrow PencilEyebrow makeup. You once used it to draw on Asahi's face while she slept and got in trouble.2340
EyelashesProduct that increases one's eyelash count. People who are lacking eyelashes use these.3704
Lip GlossMakeup applied to one's lips. Seems like it should make them sticky...3752
RougeMakeup applied to one's cheeks. Someone should teach Asahi how to use this.3800
MascaraMakeup to thicken one's eyelashes. The applicator looks like a caterpillar.3848
Eyelash CurlerTool for curling one's eyelashes. You have heard it should be heated first.3896
LipstickMakeup applied to one's lips. A man in the underground also uses this.41880
Body SoapProduct for washing one's body. Not needed for daily use.42120