Mamedanuki SkinSkin from a Mamedanuki. Kinshicho
Used SmartphoneRetrieved from a residential district. It's pretty grimy. Asakusa Land Domain
Canned FoodBox of canned food. All seem to be before the expiration date. Nikoshi Department Store Domain
Oil SolutionChemicals usedin manufacturing fiber. Various solvents are inside. Toyosu Shelter
Medical SuppliesBox medicine and medical devices. Kinshicho
Winter ClothingBox of brand-new, heavy clothing. Tosho Department Store Domain
Red LEDsBag of devices which emit a red light. Ueno
Blue LEDsBag of devices which emit a blue light. Ueno
White LiquidMilky substance taken from a Churel. It has a mild, sweet-smelling fragrance. Aoyama Cemetery
Nue MeatA well-marbled slab of meat cut from a Nue. Shibuya
Eternal Torus A ring twisted like a mobius strip. Geometric designs are engraved on it. Depths of Twisted Tokyo DLC