1-Yen CoinCurrency from long ago. Made of aluminum, its weight signifies its value.171
5-Yen CoinCurrency from long ago. A few Hunters use these for dowsing.176
10-Yen CoinCurrency from long ago. Toss it to make a foe flinch... for a second.180
100-Yen CoinCurrency from long ago. it is engraved with lovely cherry blossoms.185
500-Yen CoinCurrency from long ago. Much more ornate than Macca.190
1000-Yen BillBank note from long ago. Depicts a man with a mustache and bushy hair.2282
2000-Yen BillBank note from long ago. Depicts a gate which no longer exists.2301
5000-Yen BillBank note from long ago. Depicts a woman with a tired, sad face.2320
10000-Yen BillBank note from long ago. Depicts a middle-aged man in a kimono.2340
Credit CardCard with a bunch of numbers on it. People once trusted these more than Macca.2359
Movie PamphletAdvertises movies from long ago. Why not distribute these digitally?3704
Entrance TicketPermits entry to some sort of event. Whatever it was, the event is long over.3752
CalendarCalendar with dates from 25 years ago. The places pictured no longer exist.3896
Guest ListPaper with a bunch of people's names on it. You assume most of them are probably dead.42120
Driver's LicenseCard with a picture and personal info. Demons love to target people driving cars.41880