Canned CoffeeA bitter drink to wake you up. Very handy during a long stakeout.176
Canned JuiceSweet drink in a variety of flavors. Sugar induces thirst, so drink responsibly.171
Canned SoupPrepared soup in a sealed can. Easy prep makes it convenient in battle.180
Soda BottleBeverage in a thin, sturdy container. The bottle can serve as a canteen after.185
Energy DrinkAn efficient way to obtain various nutrients. Is it more nutritious than demon meat though?190
MisoOne of the five basic Japanese seasonings. Once used as a spice, now a side dish.2320
Health FoodConvenient meal that is safe to eat. Diets were popular once, but now just a luxury.3752
Frozen FoodConvenient meal that is safe to eat. You once had to eat one cold...3800