White CharcoalCarbonized wood used for starting fires. Also effective as a deodorizer.171
Bamboo CharcoalCarbonized bamboo used for starting fires. Nikkari said to put it in drinking water.176
MintHas a cool, refreshing feel. Smells like toothpaste.180
MugwortSoft and refreshing. Applying to a wound helps it heal faster.185
Pine ResinHas a very unique, polarizing scent. Can be used to handle slippery surfaces.190
Dried HerbsContainer of dried herbs. Some people sniff these to help them concentrate.2282
Smoke WoodSolidified block of sawdust. Use this to send smoke signals.2301
Mosquito CoilContainer that holds a mosquito coil. Many in Japan are shaped like a Katakirauwa.2340
Aromatic CandleCandle that emits a fragrance when lit. The more it smells, the worse you feel.2359
LavenderProduces a gentle, flowery fragrance. People used to put a lot of effort into relaxation.3704
PotpourriContainer filled with dried fragrances. Aromatically and visually quite a mixture...41880