MouseDevice used to move a cursor on a compute.r Older people are used to using them.171
KeyboardDevice for inputting letters into a computer. Older people are used to using them.176
LAN CableCord to connect a computer to the Internet. You often see these in Hunter Associations.180
CalculatorMachine to aid with calculations. Rather redundant if you own a smartphone.185
ToasterDevice used for toasting bread. A demon might attack while using it...!190
MicrowaveDevice used for heating up food. Might explode if you put demon meat in it.2282
Memory CardDevice to store pictures and other data. Sadly, a high probability of misplacing it.2301
Alarm ClockDevice to help you wake up on time. A smartphone can do everything it does.2320
Hair DryerMachine to help you dry your hair. You often see Asahi using one.2340
USB HubDevice that allows machines to communicate. You have no clue why this even exists.2359
HDDExternal memory device. This could probably hold a lot of demons.3896
FanDevice that emits air via spinning blades. Speaking into one produces a curious effect.3848