Key ItemDescription
Hunter Cadet IDProof that you are a Hunter cadet. Also functions as an ID.
Broken SmartphoneCracked smartphone. The basic features seem operational though.
SmartphoneSmartphone repaired by Dagda. Also serves as the deity's residence.
Nozomi's SmartphoneSmartphone from client: Nozomi? Can transport you to Yoyogi via Terminal.
Jade DaggerDagger from Oberon in the Fairy Forest. Destroys wraith walls with spirit energy.
Mallet CrestGlowing sphere with an intricate engraving of a hammer etched across its surface.
Mirror CrestGlowing sphere engraved with a mirror. It smells a bit like an animal...
Horse CrestGlowing sphere engraved with a horse. Pleasantly cool to the touch.
SuppliesSupplies for delivery to Shinjuku. Bound in rope so the contents do not spill.
Scroll of GuidingDirections to navigate the Maze Garden: "Light thrice. Shadow once. Light once."
Basement 4F KeyGrants access to B4F in Kasumigaseki. Needed in order to get to the lab.
SensorComponent for the Shesha Radar, with all manner of unmarked knobs and buttons.
Shesha RadarReceives data abut Shesha's position in real time.
Employee ID CardGrants access to the elevator in Midtown that goes to the first floor.
Corridor KeyGives access to the underground passage in Tsukiji Konganji.
Twisted TicketUnlocks one of the Fiends' rooms. Disappears after a single use...