* Demon can only be created via special fusion.
~ Demon can be obtained via evolution from another demon.
Demon appear as enemy only and can never be persuaded to join or fused.
Demon can only be obtained via fusion accident.
HP-oriented 10.2
Balanced 10.5
MP-oriented 11

Level which scales with max HP and max MP with little randomization. The max HP:MP ratio and subsequent growth depends on which type the unit is: "HP-oriented", "balanced" or "MP-oriented".

Wk Weak against the attack. Damage received increases.
Rs Reduces damage of the attack. No benefit or penalty on turn icon.
Nu Nullifies the attack.
Dr Drains the attack and recovers HP.
Rp Reflects the damage back to the offender.
Repelled damage ignores resistance attributes.
ST Strength. Dictates power of normal attack and physical skills.
DX Dexterity. Dictates power of gun attack and physcial skills.
MA Magic. Dictates power of magical skills.
AG Agility. Dictates action order, hit rate, evasion rate and success rate of escape from battle.
LU Luck. Dictates critical rate, success rate of inflicting ailment and likelihood of natural recovery of ailment.

Race Demon Lvl HP MP Physics Gun Fire Ice Elec Force Light Dark ST DX MA AG LU