Gun Power Hits Remarks
Ready Bazooka 33 1-4 Ueno
Ace Bazooka 41 2-4 Shinjuku
Big Bazooka 57 1-4 Shibuya
#1 Bazooka 57 1-4 Found in Shibuya - Dogenzaka
Evil Bazooka 65 1-4 Ginza
Reward - "Demon-Haunted Man"
BB Bazooka 74 1-4 Ginza
Death Bazooka 82 1-4 Blasted Tokyo Weapon Shop
Gigolo Bazooka 90 1-4
Laser Bazooka 98 1-4
Bolt Bazooka 106 1-4 Streetpass Item
Clear Bazooka 123 1-4

Streetpass Items are also available normally in-game, from chests or for purchase

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