FMJ Rounds 29 Gun Gun - Found in Naraku Depths
Steel Rounds 47 Gun Gun -
Hollow-Points 73 Gun Gun -
Gouma Rounds 73 Gun Gun -
AP Rounds 98 Gun Gun -
Tenma Rounds 117 Gun Gun -
Virus Rounds 41 Gun Gun Sick
Darkness Rounds 92 Gun Gun Sick
Bind Rounds 60 Gun Gun Bind
Prometheus Rounds 79 Gun Gun Bind
Sleep Rounds 28 Gun Gun Sleep
Panic Rounds 54 Gun Gun Panic
Toxic Rounds 28 Gun Gun Poison
Venom Rounds 79 Gun Gun Poison
Skull Rounds 47 Gun Gun KO Found in Shibuya - Dogenzaka
Shinno Rounds 105 Gun Gun KO Reward - "Mysterious Story of Tennozu"

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