FMJ Rounds 29 Gun Gun - Found in Naraku - Excavation Worker Quarters
Sleep Rounds 28 Gun Gun Sleep Ueno
Toxic Rounds 28 Gun Gun Poison Ueno
Virus Rounds 41 Gun Gun Sick Shinjuku
Steel Rounds 47 Gun Gun - Shinjuku
Skull Rounds 47 Gun Gun KO Found in Shibuya - Dogenzaka
Panic Rounds 54 Gun Gun Panic Shibuya
Bind Rounds 60 Gun Gun Bind Shibuya
Hollow-Points 73 Gun Gun - Ginza
Gouma Rounds 73 Gun Gun - Found in Reverse Hills - B7F
Venom Rounds 79 Gun Gun Poison Blasted Tokyo Weapon Shop
Prometheus Rounds 79 Gun Gun Bind Blasted Tokyo Weapon Shop
AP Rounds 98 Gun Gun -
Tenma Rounds 117 Gun Gun -
Darkness Rounds 92 Gun Gun Sick
Shinno Rounds 105 Gun Gun KO Reward - "Mysterious Story of Tennozu"

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