Healing WaterHeals a small, set amount of HP, 1 ally505025
MedicineHeals a small, set amount of HP, 1 ally505025
Life StoneHeals a small amount of HP, 1 ally50 - 5
Holy FruitFully heals HP, 1 ally101,500750
BeadFully heals HP, 1 ally101,500750
Bead ChainFully heals HP, all allies5100,0005,000
Expanse Meat Demon meat. Eat to heal HP99 - 2,500
Heavenly Steak Demon meat. Eat to heal HP99 - 5,000
A5 Demoloin Demon meat. Eat to heal HP99 - 5,000
Chakra Drop Heals a small amount of MP, 1 ally201,000500
Chakra Pot Fully heals MP, 1 ally106,0003,000
Great Chakra Fully heals MP, all allies5 - 5,500
Soma DropHeals a small, set amount of HP/MP, 1 ally10 - 2,250
SomaFully heals HP/MP, 1 ally3 - 4,000
Bead of LifeFully heals HP/MP, all allies2 - 10,000
Revival LeafRevives from KO, 1 ally20300150
Revival BeadRevives from KO, 1 ally20300150
Balm of RisingRevives from KO with full HP, 1 ally1010,0005,000
Patra StoneHeals Sleep/Panic/Bind, 1 ally5010050
Me Patra StoneHeals Sleep/Panic/Bind, all allies20300150
Detox SolutionHeals Poison/Sick, 1 ally2515075
Dis-PoisonHeals Poison/Sick, 1 ally2515075
Amrita SodaHeals all status ailments, 1 ally10100,0005,000
Amrita ShowerHeals all status ailments, all allies10250,0005,000

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