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Lucia as depicted in Persona 3

Lucia (ルキア, Rukia) is a Persona in the Persona series.


Saint Lucia or Saint Lucy is the Christian patron saint of the blind. She was a devout young woman whose belief in consecrating her virginity for God and whose urge to spend her life on alms enraged her pagan betrothed, who then reported her as a Catholic to the magistrate. After her refusal to burn a sacrifice to the emperor, she was immediately sentenced into execution. Christian traditions state that her body was filled with holy spirits that the guards were not able to take her in by force, and they decided to cut her throat and gouged her eyes. Even so, she was still able to see and continued prophesising. As a final act, the guard stabbed and killed her. Catholic and Orthodox Christians venerate her now as a martyr and saint.

Putting aside the legend, Lucia is among the few Personas, like Artemisia and Caesar, who are based on actual figures.



Persona 3Edit

Lucia is a Persona of the Priestess Arcana, awakened by Fuuka Yamagishi on a SEES mission inside the Tartarus during the Dark Hour, where she used the Persona to protect and save Natsuki from Shadows. Lucia is notably unique compared to the other Personas, as she is never used actively in battle, but provides the team with information regarding the team's tactical support such as the enemies' weaknesses and their location. Oddly enough, her fighting stats are shown in the game and keep increasing each time she gains a level. Lucia's design depicts her to be a woman whose eyes and throat are covered with bandages and her lower body part is a giant glass sphere which has the form of an eyeball. All of these traits are symbols of Saint Lucia. Her level is the same as the Main-Character's, and her stats are halved and then shared out between all the SEES-members in Tartarus.


Persona 3Edit

Level Arcana St Ma En Ag Lu
17 Priestess 8 14 12 9 12
Inherit Resists Block Absorbs Reflects Weak
n/a None None None None None
List of Skills
Skill Cost Effect Level
Full Analyze N/A Reveal targeted enemy's stats, weakness, and skills Innate
Support Scan N/A Target cursor automatically reveals any stat skills in effect 23
Third Eye N/A Target cursor automatically analyzes whether that an attack would work 32
Healing Wave N/A Restores 15% HP after ascending the next floor in Tartarus 41


Art51 2
Concept artwork of Lucia
Psn fuka01
Concept movie sketch of Lucia in Persona 3 Movie
Lucia in manga adaption
Lucia appears in Persona 3 Manga
Lucia in P3M
Lucia in Persona 3 The Movie

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