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Lugh's design originating from Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers

Lugh (ルーグ?), also known as Ildanach (イルダーナフ?), Lug, or Roog, is a demon in the series.


Lugh Lamfada or Lugh the Long Hand, the name Long Hand came from his long spear, Brionach. The great sun god of the Celts, also called Ildhana. Grandson of Balor and killed him in the great war between the Tuatha D'anaan and the Formorians. He fathered Cu Chulainn with Dectera, daughter of the Ulster's chief druid, Cathbad.



Devil Summoner: Soul HackersEdit

"A sun god of Irish lore. His name means "flashing light."
He is skilled in many arts, carries his spear Areadbhar, and is known as the Long Arm.
He is father to Cu Chulainn and is said to have many wives, including Bui. His grandfather Balor was also his greatest foe; during the battle of Magh Tuireadh he pierced Balor's evil eye with a magic stone.
Soul Hackers 3DS Compendium

Lugh is necessary in order to fuse Zeed into the hero Siegfried.

Megami Ibunroku PersonaEdit

Ildanach can only be fused by using the Totem Dordona's Oar with the spell cards from Cath Palug and Cromm Cruach.

Devil Survivor 2Edit

"A sun god of Irish lore. His name means "flashing light." He is skilled in many arts, carries his spear Areadbhar, and is known as the Long Arm. He is father to Cu Chulainn and is said to have many wives, including Bui. His grandfather Balor was also his greatest foe; during the battle of Magh Tuireadh he pierced Balor's evil eye with a magic stone."
Devil Survivor 2 Compendium

Lugh is the demon that acts as the key to allow the Dragon Stream to take a different form. However, due to the Void's advance, his body is damaged, and a medium will be required to channel his energy. Based on the Demon Tamers' health screening results, Io is most suitable to be Lugh's medium. However, once Lugh is unsealed, his energy scatters across the map, and the party must gather all the pieces of his energy (or recover them from thieving demons) before demons can take them away.

When Lugh's energy is sent to Io, Yamato begins the ritual for the unsealing of the Dragon Stream, where Io is synchronized with Lugh. The ritual proves to be strenuous, and the player has to regularly heal Io and defend her from interfering demons. Once the ritual completes, Io unleashes the Dragon Stream on Mizar. Depending on whether the player chose to comfort Io prior to the ritual, the strain from channeling Lugh may end up taking Io's life.

If the protagonist does not support Daichi and Io is still alive by the 7th Day, Io channels Lugh during the fight with her and Daichi, complete with her race and Racial Skill changing to match Lugh's. After the player defeats her, Lugh is unlocked as a Unique demon for fusion in the Cathedral of Shadows. Lugh does not require a special combination of demons.

The AnimationEdit

Like in the game, Lugh is necessary to give form to the Dragon Stream in order to defeat Mizar. Io is chosen as the vessel for Lugh by activating Lugh's seal, Brionach. Once the seal is broken, Io is possessed by Lugh as her mind slowly overcome by the strain of Lugh's power. After Mizar is eaten by the dragon Shakko, Lugh takes full control of Io's body and shows its anger against Yamato, the descendant of Hotsuin family who had imprisoned and treating a god like a tool. Lugh ambushes the Diet Building to kill Yamato for revenge and effortlessly defeated JP's demons that guarding the building. However, Hibiki able to stop Lugh's attack by using Suzaku. Lugh defends itself from Baal's attack until it was defeated by both Suzaku and Byakko, leaving Hibiki and Yamato vulnerable. Realizing that Io's body won't hold on much longer, it launches its spear in hope to at least kill Yamato, but Hibiki pushes him out of the way and stops the spear with the Dragon Stream's magic circle. After much effort, Hibiki finally helps Io regaining control of her own body, breaking Lugh to pieces. Afterwards, Lugh is available as one of Io's demons.

Io summoned Lugh during the fight against Benetnach, but is sent back when Benetnasch uses its sound waves along with the rest of the demons.

Lugh is summoned again to fight against Nebiros along with Black Frost that fighting against Zaou Gongen when the path to Polaris is opened. Lugh holds Nebiros to allow Hibiki reaching the Transport Terminal until it was consumed by the Void. Afterwards, Lugh is sent to Hibiki's cell phone with other demons during the final battle with Yamato. Hibiki fused Lugh with Berserker, becoming Zouchouten.


Majin Tensei II: Spiral NemesisEdit

Ildanach Majin Tensei 2
Race Level HP MP Movement Move Type Range
Genma 71 317 160 6 Walk 1
Strength Wisdom Magic Defense Agility Luck MAG
22 33 33 27 31 15 -
Attack Phys Defense Magic Attack Magic Defense Hit Avoid Critical
90 65 155 160 112 26 17
List of Skills
Maragion Ziolaon
Zanmaon Bufula

Devil Summoner: Soul HackersEdit

Race Level HP MP CP MAG Summon
Deity 51 517 210 11 810
Strength Intelligence Magic Endurance Agility Luck
19 12 15 13 17 10
Personality Phys Attack Phys Hit Mgc Attack Mgc Hit Base Defense Avoid
Wild 140 80 135 38 144 79
Resist Void Absorb Reflect Weak
- Expel, Death - - -
List of Skills
Inazuma Strike Deathbound Maragion
Tetraja - -

Giten Megami Tensei: Tokyo MokushirokuEdit

Race Alignment Level HP MP
Deity Light-Neutral 44 985 448
CP Intuition Will Power Magic Intelligence Divine Protection
63 33 41 41 41 32
Strength Stamina Agility Dexterity Charm
43 42 28 23 41
List of Skills
Megido Damudo Rock Crusher
Blade Storm Grand Cross Disarm

Megami Ibunroku PersonaEdit

MIP Il-Dana
Arcana Level Type Subtype MAtk MDef
Magician 80 Element Nuclear 249 194
Affinity SP St Vi Dx Ag Lu
Ayase 61 53 37 67 72 32
100% Nuclear - - - Electric, Blast, Gravity
Totem Dordona's Oar Returns ° Brionac
Fusion Requirements Cath Palug x Cromm Cruach
List of Skills
Rank Skill Effect
1 Agidyne Heavy Fire damage (area)
3 Deathbound Heavy Sword damage (1 foe)
4 Maragion Medium Fire damage (all foes)
5 Maragidyne Heavy Fire damage (all foes)
7 Bright Judgement Heavy Miracle damage (area)
8 Burning Spear Heavy Spear damage (area)

Persona 2: Innocent SinEdit

Ildanach P2IS PSP
Arcana LevelTypeBonusReturns °
Sun 46 None Ag +1 Demon Tathlum
Traits Forceful, Joyful, Wise
Another name for Lugh, Celtic god of light who carries the sword Fragarach.
SP Cost Atk Def MAtk MDef St Vi Dx Ag Lu
30 176 172 118 122 42 40 41 34 38
Sw Rn Sk Th Hv Fi Wt Wi Er Ic El Nc Li Dk Al Nr Mn
- - - - - - - - - - - - Rp Wk - St St
Summon Information
Tarot Cards 138 Tarot Card Symbol 2 Sun Cards Material Card Material Card Icon (P2ISP) Dordona's Oar Card
Mutation Heimdal can mutate into Ildanach
Mutates Into Ildanach can mutate into Sarasvati or Arthur
List of Skills
Rank Skill Effect
1 Agidyne Deal high Fire damage to one enemy.
? Flame Cut Deal low Sword+Fire damage to one enemy.
? Maragion Deal medium Fire damage to an enemy group.
? Maragidyne Deal high Fire damage to an enemy group.
? Deathbound Deal high Sword damage to all enemies.
8 Bright Judgement Deal high Light damage to all enemies. May instantly kill.
Mutation Mahama Deal instant Light kill to an enemy group.

Devil Survivor 2Edit

Level Race HP MP ST MA VI AG
57 Deity 432 181 22 22 15 14
Racial/Auto Skill DeSu2 Physical Icon Phys DeSu2 Fire Icon Fire DeSu2 Ice Icon Ice DeSu2 Elec Icon Elec DeSu2 Force Icon Force Curse DESU2 Curse
Enlightenment -- Resist Resist Null -- --
Command Skills
Maragi Deathbound * --
Passive Skills
Phys Amp * -- --
"I am Lugh, the shining one... With my Areadbhar, I shall vanquish thine enemies."
"Where my light leadeth... Only thou shalt see."


Roog artwork from DemiKids
Il-Dana EP
Il-Dana in Persona 2: Eternal Punishment
Lugh tarot card from Persona 2: Eternal Punishment
Roog sprite from DemiKids
Lugh Devil Survivor 2 (Top Screen)
Lugh in Devil Survivor 2
Devil lugh
Lugh in Devil Surivivor 2 The Animation
Lugh in Devil Survivor 2 The Animation
Lugh as he appears in Devil Survivor 2 The Animation

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