Majin tensei blind thinker ii

Title Screen

Majin Tensei: Blind Thinker II (魔神転生 Blind Thinker II) is a strategy RPG developed by Atlus and Bbmf for mobile phones.

Release Date

Japan: May 14, 2008


Despite the title, while the mechanics of Blind Thinker II remain the same as they were in Majin Tensei: Blind Thinker, the setting, story, and characters have all changed. The protagonist of this chapter is called Takeru (タケル) and much of the story centers around an artificially created demon called Zora (ゾラ). Player choices in the game lead to multiple potential endings.


Blind Thinker II 01
Blind Thinker II 02
Blind Thinker II 03
Blind Thinker II 04
Blind Thinker II 05

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