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Malebolge is a location in Persona 3 FES. It is the first door in the Abyss of Time, and only appears in The Answer. For the first eight floors, it resembles a normal building, with cream-colored walls. It bears a striking resemblance to the decor of the Iwatodai Dormitory, sharing the carpeting and the window designs. It is in fact a palette swap of Thebel, much like Monad. From floors nine to fourteen, Malebolge takes on a different appearance; it now has blue walls and metallic floors and resembles the style of Yabbashah. On floor eight, there is a boss battle with an Immortal Gigas and three Visceral Mayas. On floor fifteen, there is a door that leads to Paulownia Mall in the past.


Level Persona Arcana Level Persona Arcana Level Persona Arcana
11 Valkyrie Strength 14 Zouchouten Chariot 16 Principality Justice
16 Rakshasa Strength 17 Fortuna Fortune 19 Ares Chariot
20 Hua Po Magician 20 Narcissus Lovers 21 High Pixie Priestess
22 Legion Fool 23 Empusa Fortune 23 Titan Strength
23 Take-Minakata Hanged Man 24 Take-Mikazuchi Emperor 25 Orpheus Fool
25 Power Justice 27 Sarasvati Priestess 27 Queen Mab Lovers
28 Sati Magician 29 Kusi Mitama Fortune 30 King Frost Emperor
30 Oumitsunu Chariot


Section 1Edit

Shadow LV HP SP Weak Resist Block Absorb Reflect
Spurious Book 25 182 112 Elec - Wind Fire -
Corrupt Tower 26 222 116 Light Slash, Strike, Elec - Wind -
Insidious Maya 26 197 112 Ice - - - Fire
Justice Sword 28 214 118 Wind Fire, Elec Slash - -
Wild Beast 29 241 115 Fire, Light, Dark Strike, Pierce Wind - -
Stoic Snake 30 235 146 Light - - Ice Elec
Wealth Hand 1 100 100 Random Physical - Fi,Ic,El,Wi,Li,Da - -

Section 2Edit

Shadow LV HP SP Weak Resist Block Absorb Reflect
Magic Hand 28 214 105 Fire - Ice - Light
Vicious Raven 29 224 108 Ice Wind Fire Pierce -
Stoic Snake 30 235 146 Light - - Ice Elec
Sky Balance 30 253 105 Fire, Ice - - - Elec, Wind
Creation Relic 31 235 108 Dark - Fire, Light - Strike, Wind
Wealth Hand 1 100 100 Random Physical - Fi,Ic,El,Wi,Li,Da - -


Shadow LV HP SP Weak Resist Block Absorb Reflect Floor
Visceral Maya 29 600 ? Fire - Light, Dark Elec Slash, Strike 8
Immortal Gigas 29 850 ? Wind Pierce Elec, Light, Dark - Fire 8


  • Malebolge, much like Cocytus, is named after a part of Dante Alighieri's Inferno; in this case, Malebolge is the eighth circle of Hell, its name literally translated as "evil ditches". Simple fraud is punished here, and it is divided into ten smaller chambers devoted to a specific sin's punishment.

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