Tokyo Revelation - Marika

Marika Kusaka

Marika Kusaka (日下茉莉花) is a character in Tokyo Revelation. She is voiced by Manami Komori in the Japanese version and Debra Jean Rogers in the English dub.



Marika is a leader of the Shinryuu (神流) ninja group who transfers to Kichijouji Seijou Gakuen to help prevent Akito Kobayashi's ambition to summon Ose into the real world. Shortly after arriving, she senses the immense concentration of Magnetite within Saki Yagami and follows her, recognizing her as the most likely target for Akito. She and Takehiko Kuki help protect Saki when she's attacked by kobolds and then take her and an unconscious Yousuke Miura to a friendly priest's home. There, she explains that she and Saki share similarities, as the abnormal amount of magnetite they possess allows them to see otherworldly creatures like demons.

While taking Saki home, she encounters Akito who catches her by surprise with a kiss that infects her with a parasitic demon. He sends her to attack Takehiko and the priest to distract them while Saki is used to summon Ose. The priest exorcises the demon from her, but they arrive too late to be of aid during the final confrontation between Ose and Masakado.

In the manga, it comes to light that she shares a strong connection with Kojiro Souma due to feelings from a past life.


Tokyo Revelation - Marika Manga
Marika as she appears in the manga
Tokyo Revelation - Marika Saving
Marika saving Saki
Tokyo Revelation - Marika Possessed
Marika possessed by a demon
Tokyo Revelation - Marika Exorcised
Marika exorcised

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