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Maruo is a character in Shin Megami Tensei IV Apocalypse.



Shin Megami Tensei IV ApocalypseEdit

Maruo is an minor antagonist appearing over numerous Challenge Quest and is the Grand Member of the Maruo Faction/Maruology Cult. An overweight man wearing green, sunglasses, and gold chains, he surrounds himself with others from across Tokyo and its factions who are fed up with the current state of things. He teaches them to indulge in their desires and live how they want as the world goes to hell in the current times, like stealing food or being obnoxiously loud. He spreads his teachings under the name Maruology. While heavily criticized his followers have grown to the hundreds, in part as he promises to accept them no matter what they want.

He is found in West Shinjuku in the first quest West Entry Park Security, where he is teaching a thin woman when Nanashi first encounters him. His followers attack when Nanashi interrupts. Upon their defeat he gives a nonsensical speech to boost their morale before fighting Nanashi himself. After several turns he gets exhausted, but fools his followers into thinking he just got bored and leaves with them.

He causes trouble again in the second quest National Park Farm Security, where his group has been trying to steal food in Shinjuku. He had set up a trap to attack Nanashi at Shinjuku National Park, where he summons Girimehkala. He starts the battle talking about how everything is about himself as he sics three of them on Nanashi. As the fight goes on Maruo tries to convince Nanshi to stop being a hunter and embrace his desires, only to be told Hunters are important or that he's speaking nonsense. As it goes on he once again tries it, attempting to let him know he'll accept him no matter what, but is rejected. After the fight he is unable to understand why Nanashi refuses his words, causing confusion as he doesn't understand how they aren't afraid of being alone or left out. Mara emerges as he is confused, revealing that he has corrupted and tempted Maruo. The Demon King teleports away with Maruo and his followers.

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