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"Mass Destruction" is the normal battle theme of Persona 3 and Persona 3 FES. The song has rap vocals sung by Lotus Juice, with sung portions of the song by Yumi Kawamura. There are three variants of the track, each appearing in a separate collection:

The Persona 3 variant of the song is also featured in Persona 4 Arena as the mirror match theme for Aigis, Akihiko and Mitsuru.


Persona 3 Original SoundtrackEdit


(Background right here)

(It's a man's world!)

(Come on!)

(Gotta get those things right here)

(Hey, yo)

Fear's awake / anger beats loud

Face reality / never beat charity

The enemy you're fighting / covers whole society (Damn right)

Mommy's not here, gotta fight (all night)

Right here Shadow / 10 o'clock direction

Seize the moment / destroy the nation

Your rhyme is slow motion / give me motivation

Freaked out now / and dead on arrival (what?)

Round up around / Spit out all over

Rhyme like a rolling stone / Comin' a crowd

Watch out / they move / they dis you loud / Guess what this sound /

It bombs whole ground / so round up

Don't ease your pace / 'cuz enemy's brutal

Moment of truth / There ain't no truce

You're the only one / One world, One love

But the battle goes on / Shadows of Mass Destruction

Persona 3 FESEdit

(Oh... hey yo.  You guys going to rap in this right now?) / (Unless we have to...)

(You can't stop it!) / (uh, you guys ready?)

(Take it hot, right now)

I thought told y'all to sit down / or get down

I'm about'a hit ground

When I'm in the box / my hits way out of this bounds

Nobody's topping me / you know it damn right

Most of y'alls loving me / doing it all night

Keeping my friends close / and my foes closer

Things getting messy / but I never lift the nose up

As I get older / see things slower

My enemies looking like kids / and I'm the grown up

(Forget it) I'm the next masterpiece made

A new generation team / a wicked beast "Ace"

But I'm the mister nice guy

See? I'm a wise guy

Not a mafioso / but I hustle like Mike

Lay low if you are feelin' me

I take these beats / freaks go crazy with me

So put'em up in this base with me

So shake with the man / L to the J's now follow me

Persona 3 Arrange Album (Burn My Dread-Reincarnation)Edit

Mass Destruction - Reincarnation
Persona 3 Reincarnation - Mass Destruction(05:02)

I don't care anymore, enough of fake smiles
Buckwild I go, tried it on but it didn't fit me so
Found a better pair of shoes to walk
Even in defeat, I hold my pride never gonna talk
Better yet
My mouth is tight like James Bond
You thought you saw me, but next second I'm gone
I don't want no throne
I'm a freelancer, do for benjamins, but I'm not a gangster
Show me what you got
If you got it all 'cuz I fight not only verbally
Volatile man I am, gotta game that I play

I thought you might like the way
I destruct every where I lay my hands
I'm sick to the bone
From the top of the dome to the tip of my toe
I call the shots, the frontman calls the drop
Going no where if you wanna take my spot

Break down right off the bat / I pop my armory
Too smooth to see, I sting like bee
like Muhamad Ali, Champion of Champions will not defeat
Came up to beat the enemy at large
But tonight let us take a break back to kids in go-cart.

Once again, I'm back in the lab
Cleaning my knives ready for stabs
I never committed a crime I had to
Out of necessity, I done couple
I plead guilty to lord in the chapel
Forgiveness given cuz I don't look for trouble
Instead it finds me
And what I do is fight back
Never look back the past 'cuz it hurts to think back
I pray to God, 'cuz I'm still paranoid today
Can't lean back, now its over
Survival of the fittest time for me to take over
I was lenient, but games over
Mass destruction is now our slogan
Just won't do things in slow-mo
Fast life, fast money, kinda like promo

Break down
Still get it going on
I am the next ruler of the python
Don't be scared of biting, I'm not a tyson
Right on!  I'm the hurricane in the ocean
About to land disturbing the peace
It's a war zone
You best took it serious when you heard the tone.

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