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"We are Medjed. We are invisible. We are formless and we strike evils"
—Medjed, Persona 5

Medjed (メジエド, Mejiedo)? is a group of hackers in Persona 5.


Medjed is a very minor Egyptian god who was depicted in the papyrus as a figure covered in large bland cloth with only the eyes and legs visible. This image later has become a sensation in modern Japanese popular culture.



Persona 5Edit

Medjed is a group of high-profile hackers comes into the scene after the Phantom Thieves of Hearts have succeeded in the third heist against Junya Kaneshiro. They criticize the thieves hypocritical as Medjed is the only qualified bringer of justice. They would recognize the thieves if they join their group. It is right after this declaration, Futaba Sakura under the guise of "Alibaba" contacts the protagonist as she is aware of his alter ego and asks his group to steal a person's heart in exchange for her skill to strike back Medjed. Before they have time to take any action, Medjed declares victory as the thieves remain silent and as a punishment to the thieves' admirers, they will rip their properties off.

After Alibaba cancels her request, the thieves celebrate in an expensive sushi restaurant in Ginza as they still had to sell Kaneshiro's Treasure. But then they are informed by Goro Akechi and read from Medjed's home page that the hackers have challenged the thieves to steal their hearts before August 21st or they will launch a hacking attack which they claim to have destructive impact to Japan's economy and in the same time wipe off all contents of the Phantom Aficionado Website. Realizing the severity of their threat, the thieves make direct contact with Futaba Sakura for help to stop Medjed in exchange for stealing her heart. Once the Phantom Thieves successfully steal Futaba's heart she easily puts a stop to Medjed. As she reveals, the original Medjed was Futaba herself, along with a group of online friends. The Medjed that attacked the Phan-site, however, were not the actual Medjed but the Conspiracy who is also responsible for pushing the heist request ranking against Kunikazu Okumura, which Futaba realizes after Kunikazu's death (as the true Medjed uses her own distinct programs).

Later when the thieves infiltrate Shido's Palace, it turns out the one who actually plays Medjed during this whole incident is the CEO of an information technology company who has connection to Masayoshi Shido. Futaba is furious at this identity thief and demands the gang to beat his Shadow to obtain the invitation required to access Shadow Shido's representative chamber instead of negotiating peacefully.


  • In the Japanese version, the kana to render the group name is not the same as the one actually refers to the Egyptian god (メジェド, Mejedo)?. The group name uses the regular "エ" (e) but the god's version uses a small "ェ" for modifying the vowel of the preceding kana "ジ" (ji) to form "je".
  • Medjed's closing tagline in their every announcement is very reminiscent of "We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget."

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