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Mellow Dream is a song that appears in the anime Persona -trinity soul- and it can be found on the Persona -trinity soul- Original Soundtrack. It is sung by Yumi Kawamura.


Can't you feel some really good in your world?
I can see you lost in a mellow dream
Feel some really good in your world
Searching end of dream waiting for a real end

Just plain words aligned in space
Hope to grasp a light going through the mind
You speak like everyone else
Loosing yourself deep down in the dream

Time goes by
Drawn in everyday
Searching for truth of life
Time goes by
Drawn in the same everyday

  • Repeat

Now welling up hidden feelings
Running just so uncontrollable
Without a breath muted feelings
All spilling out getting out through the door

Things fall apart
Pieces of memory
Getting back to the start
Things fall apart
Pieces of those far-off days

  • Repeat

Light so high so high wipe those memories
Light so high so high in the dream

  • Repeat x 2

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