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  • Welcome back to the wiki! I saw your return has brought change and it's definitely a refreshing one. I'll have to get used to it, since I am a bit old-fashioned, but the only constant is change after all.

    Thank you for returning, and I look forward to you back with the dedicated editors and admins of the Wiki :)

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  • Sorry, you closed your talk page so I can't reply there anymore!

    I've been a lurker here for a while, I just haven't ever contributed because I'm not enough of a fan of the series to contribute anything worthwhile. When AlexShepherd went absolutely out of control on the Xenosaga Wiki and needed to be put down, I started looking into other Wikis he was contributing at to see if there was a pattern or not.

    After some brief time on Google it became obvious that this guy was a nutjob (Google his name at your own peril, the Silent Hill Wiki meltdown in particular is... sanity-breaking.) and I started looking at all the Wikis I occasionally read, and sure enough, here he was, uploading weird stuff, theories, putting spoilers on pages and, most important of all, having half a dozen warnings by your admins on his talk page telling him to stop edit warring/arguing so much.

    But now it's resolved, so again, thank you.

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    • Seeing his behavior across half a dozen wikias, I can say that while he might not be malicious, he definitely lacks a lot of basic social skills. I don't normally like using the word autistic like this, because it comes off as insulting, but in his particular case it seems to be what's actually going on. He has really weird obsessions, he refuses to acknowledge his mistakes, shifts all blame onto others, automatically assumes any authoritative action against him is abuse of power and thus disregards it, and cannot have a conversation without turning it into an argument.

      In fact he's whining about how you guys abused your power by banning him here as we speak on the community Wikia. He claims that you guys never gave him any warnings (his talk page was full of them), that he never made any mistakes just 'things he could have handled better', and a bunch of other absurd claims.

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    • I truly don't think he's autistic. I've seen this behavior before and it just seems symptomatic of a teenager is my read on it. But that's not really important I guess.

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