Metaverse Navigator

The Metaverse Navigator phone icon.

Metaverse Navigator (イセカイナビ*)? is a fundamental part of the story and the mystery behind a phone application and important term of Persona 5.

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Using the app Metaverse Navigator on their P. A. D., the protagonist and the Phantom Thieves of Hearts are able to discover the location of their targets and are able to infiltrate the other world known as the Palace to steal the hearts of "corrupt people." The protagonist attempts to delete it, but Igor restores it. He bestows the app to anyone the protagonist wishes to aid him in his rehabilitation. In order to infiltrate a Palace, three keywords are needed: a target's name, their location and the distortion the form of their Palace is based on.

In the anime adaptation, just by looking at the app icon can force a user to fall asleep and enter the Velvet Room should Igor wish to talk.


The Metaverse Navigator app first appears
The Metaverse Navigator app refuses to delete after being "deleted"
P5 manga Isekainabi
Metaverse Navigator seen in the manga adaption.