Meteor Masa or Chupiler is a minor character from the Persona 2 duology.



Meteor Masa was working in the publicity department of a video game company but changed his career to a radio host. He is enthusiastic and talkative. These may be the factors from which he has gained tremendous success in his new career. He hosts two radio programs broadcasted from the studio in Giga Macho, "Meteor Masa Sound Max" which broadcasts new hits and interviews popular singers and "Meteor Masa Viva! Macho" which talks about other kinds of popular topics.

Persona 2: Innocent SinEdit

Prior to the beginning of the story, Jun Kurosu wrote many letters to "Meteor Masa Viva! Macho" to spread the Joker rumor, which allows him to actually become the Joker, to exact his revenge. When the Masked Circle begins to orchestrate the Muses band to spread the Oracle of Maia, Ginji Sasaki uses "Meteor Masa Sound Max" to reveal Lisa Silverman as the mysterious third member of the group. Meteor Masa asks Lisa a few embarrassing questions such as her love interest and the ability to speak English.

Persona 2: Eternal PunishmentEdit

Meteor Masa, known as "Chupiler," only appears in the 3-C area of the EX Dungeon who starts a series of quiz with extremely obscure questions like how many times King Leo has spoken the word "voices." The player must correctly answer the question in order to pass through each "Meteor Gate," although hints are available on the lithographs somewhere in the same area.

In the Japan-exclusive fan disc, "Sumaru TV Special Preview," "Meteor Masa Viva! Macho" can be watched as Meteor Masa interviews Elisha La'Verne, the singer of the ending theme, Change Your Way, of the game. Muses' performance in Aoba Park concert hall of their debut song, Joker, is broadcasted but the Oracle of Maia is obviously not recited as in the Innocent Sin universe. Persona 2: Innocent Sin ~ The Errors of Their Youth is advertised by the cameo of the composer of the game, Hisako Tazaki. Finally, Meteor Masa reads a letter from a high school girl who has been affected by the viral jingle of the Satomi Tadashi Drugstore chain who has lost weight desirably. Meteor Masa then interviews the shopkeeper of the Hirasaka branch who basically answers a whole lot of nothing and Meteor Masa is shown to be also brainwashed by the song before he leaves.


Masa Normal Portrait
Meteor Masa's portrait


  • Meteor Masa is modeled after the former Atlus publicity manager, Seigo Aihara (相原誠吾), who hosts a radio program of Radio Kansai.