East Mikado 2 SMTIV

Concept art of Mikado Castle from Birth of Shin Megami Tensei IV.

Mikado Castle is a city found in Shin Megami Tensei IV.


The capital of the Eastern Kingdom of Mikado. Despite its name it covers both Mikado Castle and the Castle Town around it.

Castle TownEdit

Each section of this part of the capital is built with each inner section being higher up than the previous district according to ones station in life.

Luxuror District 1Edit

The area where Samurai, the King's servants, and monks live. It is the highest part of Castle Town and surrounds Mikado Castle.

Luxuror District 2Edit

Luxurors with specialized skills and know how live here. The Gentle woman has a crush on Hope and speaks of him through the game.

Casualry District 1Edit

The smallest and highest part of the Casualry districts. It is here that the tradesmen live.

Casualry District 2Edit

The second smallest section of the Casualry districts. It is surrounded by a moat with bridges leading into the third district.

Casualry District 3Edit

The largest of the districts. It is a area of small villages and fields where those who work in agriculture live and tend to the nearby fields. On both sides are of this disctrict are walls.


The Baker SMTIV

Concept art of the Baker showing books.

A famous bakery in the first Casualry District that even has Luxurors go there for the baked goods. Jonathan offers Flynn and Walter a chance to go visit there. The baker there has started to read books given by the Black Samurai.

Lake MikadoEdit

A circular lake southwest of Mikado. Flynn was sleeping at this lake at the beginning of the game. Walter, Jonathan, and Flynn eat their breakfast here later and run across Issachar as well.

Shene DuqueEdit

The holy ground of the kingdom that is said to be the closest to God in the Kingdom. It is where the Ark arrived 1500 years ago. Gabby requests through Hugo that the prentice Samurai come here after learning the truth behind Red Pills and Tayama's "utopia" at Reverse Hills. There they see a strange shaped Cocoon, one of the arks of old and meet the new rulers of Mikado: Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, and Uriel.

Mikado CastleEdit

Mikado Castle SMTIV

The castle of Mikado Castle.

The castle of which the capital is named after. It has various facilities from a Monastery run by monks to the Samurai's training and headquarters.

Samurai StationEdit

The offices of commander Samurai are here and the direct the other Samurai from this place.

Castle InteriorEdit

Inside of Mikado Castle where only Luxurors are allowed. The Imposing Samurai knows Navarre and talks of him during the game.


A monument build in the center that tells of the history of the kingdom's founding by King Aquila, Angels, and the Unclean Ones.


The Monastery SMTIV

Concept art of the Monastery.

The research organization where the intellectuals who run the kingdom gather. The Reserved Monk often talks about Isabeau. Their job is to study the lost wisdom and knowledge for the kingdom's sake. The Monastery is lead by Abbot Hugo and his right hand woman Gabby. Most Samurai do not trust them for their shifty goals.

Treasure RoomEdit

A area that appears after accepting the Challenge Quest The Cursed Gautnlet. It is filled with relics like cars, tvs, satellite dishes, and medieval weapons.

Aquila Statue PlazaEdit

The stronghold of the Samurai. Named for the statue of King Aquila placed in the center.


Rooms for the Samurai and a place where Flynn can rest to heal.

Q / S's BlacksmithEdit

A shop in the plaza that only Samurai can use run by the blacksmith Q. He sells accessories, weapons, and armor, as well as buying relics off of Flynn. By the time of Shin Megami Tensei IV Apocalypse the male blacksmith Q and the blacksmith R have come and gone, replaced by female blacksmith S.

B / C's ApothecaryEdit

Another shop in the plaza that only Samurai can use. She sells items that heal, revive, and cure samurai and their demons. Like Q she buys relics. By the time of Shin Megami Tensei IV Apocalypse lady B is gone, replaced by the taller male alchemist name C.

K's TavernEdit


Concept art of K's Tavern.

The tavern run by K. It is here that Challenge Quests can be accepted.

Naraku's EntranceEdit

The entrance to Naraku that lies beneath the statue of King Aquila.

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