Mikage Ruins (御影遺跡?) is a location in Megami Ibunroku Persona.



The Mikage Ruins is the bonus dungeon for the SEBEC half of Megami Ibunroku Persona. The first two levels can be accessed at any time, floors 3-7 are available after clearing Deva Yuga, and the rest can be reached only after defeating Pandora and waiting until the system data is updated after the credits.

Every enemy appears in Mikage Ruins, allowing the player to easily obtain the required Spell Cards to create the Special fusion Totem Personas and obtain any Spell Cards they may have missed in order to receive the Avatar Totem.

A Velvet Room, Trish Fountain, and Agastya Tree are near the entrance point and on B12F.

On B12F, all of the Karma Order demons can be fought as bosses, giving gems, skill tablets, and massive amounts of experience upon their defeat.


  • Grey boxes indicate rare enemies.

Demon Order Level HP Weak Resist Null Absorb Repel Item
Mr. Zombie Grave110Element, Force -Guns - -QQ Helmet
Slime Foul118Element, Force - - - -Silver Prayer Wheel
Pixie Fairy212Force - - -WindLife Stone
Poltergeist Spirit220Sword, Fire, Expel -Guns, Tech, Rush - -Life Stone
Preta Haunt330 -Magic - -GunsDis-Poison
Zombie Boy Grave330Element, Force -Guns - -Metal Card
Knocker Jirae440Wind, Blast - -Earth -Arm Guard
Zombie Girl Grave440Element, Force -Guns - -Magical Guard
Quicksilver Spirit550Sword, Fire, Expel -Guns, Tech, Rush - -Core Shield
Zombie Nurse Grave550Element, Force -Guns - -Medicine
Cait Sith Beast645Whip, Gun -Tech, Rush - -Slick Drop
Nacht Kobold Night729Physical - -Element, Force -Scalpel
Jack Frost Fairy848Force - - -IceMabufu Stone
Ihika Brute880Axe, Death, CurseElement, Force - - -Mop
Ghost Spirit880Sword, Fire, Expel -Guns, Tech, Rush - -Magical Guard
Hoodlum Foul888Element, Force - - - -Revival Bead
Ukobach Fallen990Ice - -100% Fire, Death -Turtle Candy
Afanc Wilder974Whip, Gun -Tech, Rush - -Dis-Para
Agathion Yoma1070Force - - -50% FireMedicine
Ba Flight1060Gun -Wind - -Metal Card

Demon Order Level HP Weak Resist Null Absorb Repel Item
Jack Frost Fairy848Force - - -IceMabufu Stone
Agathion Yoma1070Force - - -50% FireMedicine
Leprechaun Jirae11110Wind, Blast - -100% Earth -Mamagna Stone
Zombie Cop Grave11110Element, Force -Guns - -Dis-Para
Cu Sith Beast1290Whip, Gun -Tech, Rush - -Shadow Needle
Fuji Musume Haunt12120 -Magic - -GunsDis-Para
Nightmare Night1391Physical - -Element, Force -Paralama Stone
Gremlin Jaki13130Force - - -50% IceSlick Drop
Angel Divine14140Physical, Death, Curse - -Element, Force -Athame Knife
Moh Shuvuu Raptor14100Guns -Weapons, Force - -Mazan Stone
Secret Police Meta14187 - - - - -Muscle Drink
Pyro Jack Fairy1590Force - - -FireMaragi Stone
Cockatrice Drake15225Fire, Ice, Earth - -Wind -Dis-Stone
Dribbler Spirit15150Sword, Fire, Expel -Gun, Tech, Rush - -Guten Tag
Yakuza Foul15165Element, Force - - - -Plasma Sword
Hannya Brute16160Death, CurseElement, Force - - -Guren no Muchi
Nue Wilder16132Whip, Gun -Tech, Rush - -Medicine
Yomotsu-Shikome Femme17170Element - - -NuclearSilver Prayer Wheel
Nisroc Fallen17170Physical -Magic * - -Slick Drop
Gandharva Yoma18126Nuclear, Blast, Gravity - -Electric -Fauchard
Rusalka Fairy18108Force - - -IceTurquoise
Lilim Night19133Physical - -Element, Force -Poisma Stone
Toufei Flight19144Guns -Wind - -Magaru Stone
Ogre Jaki19190ForceElement - - -Onyx
Bukimi Spirit19170Sword, Fire, Expel -Guns, Tech, Rush - -Majou-Sen
Nekomata Beast20150Whip, Gun -Tech, Rush - -Turtle Candy
Kobold Jirae20200Wind, Blast - -Earth -Life Stone

Demon Order Lvl HP Weak (Vulnerable) Resist Null Absorb Repel Item
Kobold Jirae20200Wind, Blast - -Earth -Life Stone
Agent Meta20222 - - - - --
Archangel Divine21210Physical -Element, Force - -Kokuteki Bow
Enku Haunt21210Magic - - -200% GunMalachite
Yato no Kami Snake22308Element, ForcePhysical - - -Iron Claw
Cath Palug Wilder22193Whip, Gun -Tech, Rush - -Rattle Drink
Dark Elf Fairy23138Force - - -50% WindPhysical Guard
Wyvern Drake23345Fire, Ice, Earth - -100% Wind -Moon Stone
Siren Femme23230ElementForce - - -Magry Stone
Kokkuri Foul24264Element, Force - - - -Mail Breaker
Megaera Raptor25170Fire, Ice, Earth - -100% Wind -Longinus
Tokebi Brute25250Axe, Death, CurseElement, Force - - -Paraladi Stone
Hanako Spirit25250Sword, Fire, Expel -Gun, Tech, Rush - -Life Stone
Haokah Yoma26182Force - - -50% IceTopaz
Malphas Fallen26260Physical -Magic - -Silver Prayer Wheel
Teketeke Grave26260Element, Force -Gun - -Dis-Stone
Pairika Night27189Physical - -100% Element, Force -Metal Card
Sarashina-hime Jaki27270Force - - -50% FireRattle Drink
Ocypete Flight28170Force - - -50% WindAquamarine
Carrie Haunt28280 -Magic - -200% GunSlick Drop
Principality Divine29290Physical -Element, Force - -Magical Guard
Iwate Femme29290Element - - -50% NuclearSilver Prayer Wheel
Genkuro Beast29232Whip, Gun -Tech, Rush - -Spike Somai
Nozuchi Snake30420 -- (Wind) - -100% Earth, Expel -Metal Card

Demon Order Lvl HP Weak (Vulnerable) Resist Null Absorb Repel Item
Nozuchi Snake30420 -- (Wind) - -100% Earth, Expel -Metal Card
Black Widow Wilder31255Whip, Gun -Tech, Rush - -Physical Guard
Polisun Fairy31186Force - - -50% EarthGarnet
Duergar Jirae32320Wind, Blast - -100% Earth -Mamagnara Stone
Picollus Brute32320Death, CurseElement, Force - - -Hexa Drive
Anatomy Foul32343Element, Force - - - -Twin Bird
Phunbaba Drake33495Fire, Wind, Earth - -100% Ice -Amethyst
Eligor Fallen33330Physical -Magic - -Fuuma's Wakizashi
Hi no Enma Night34238Physical - -100% Element, Force -Revival Bead
Arachne Femme34340Element - - -50% GravityMagryva Stone
Yaka Haunt34340 -Magic - -200% GunDis-Sick
Kuchisake-Onna Spirit34340Sword, Fire, Expel -Gun, Tech, Rush - -Dis-Para
Jinn Yoma35245Force - - -50% FireHiranya
Ocelot Jaki35350Force - - -50% FireBlizzard Storm
Zap Grave35350Element, Force -Gun - -Gian Kun Shi
Power Divine36360Physical -Element, Force - -Turquoise
Tisiphone Raptor36220Fire, Ice, Earth - -100% Wind -Freidyne Stone
Orthrus Beast37277Whip, Gun -Tech, Rush - -Megido Stone
Yaksini Brute37370Death, CurseElement, Force - - -Bardiche
Naga Snake38532Element, ForcePhysical - - -Onyx
Celaeno Flight39234Force - - -50% WindMabufula Stone

Demon Order Level HP Weak (Vulnerable) Resist Void Absorb Reflect Item
Sumizome Fairy40240Force - - -50% IceMaragion Stone
Alastor Fallen41410Physical -Magic - -Metal Card
Doppelgänger Foul41429Element, Force - -Physical -Malachite
Zombie Painter Grave41410Element, Force -Gun - -Adamantium Claw
Incubus Night42294Physical - -Element, Force -Longinus
Rakshasa Jaki42420Force - - -WindMoonstone
Cupid Yoma43301PhysicalElement, Force - - -Houtoufu
Scylla Wilder43354Whip, Gun -Tech, Rush - -Topaz
Salome Femme43430Element - - -ElectricMazanma Stone
Kiyohime Drake43645Ice, Wind, Earth - -Fire -Answeller
Purski Brute44440Axe, Death, CurseElement, Force - - -Oniguruma
Virtue Divine44440Physical -Element, Force - -Bagh Nakh
Mizuchi Snake44616-- (Fire) - -Ice, Expel -Aquamarine
Kwancha Jirae45450Wind, Blast - -100% Earth -Agidyne Stone
Legion Spirit45450Sword, Fire, Expel -Gun, Tech, Rush - -Kyubi no Muchi
Selket Beast46345Whip, Gun -Tech, Rush - -Garnet
Aello Flight47292Force - - -50% WindMagarula Stone
Druj Haunt47470 -Magic - -200% GunPhysical Guard
Berith Fallen48480Ice - -100% Fire, Death -Doggerel Tablet
Titania Fairy49294Force - - -50% EarthNihiru
Otohime Snake50700-- (Fire) - -100% Ice, Expel -Amethyst
Shadow Foul50550Element, Force - -100% Physical -Metal Card

Demon Order Level HP Weak Resist Null Absorb Repel Item
Otohime Snake50700-- (Fire) - -100% Ice, Expel -Amethyst
Shadow Foul50550Element, Force - -100% Physical -Metal Card
Succubus Night51357Physical - -100% Element, Force -Opal
Tengu Yoma51357Force - - -50% WindGarudyne Stone
Mushus Drake51765Element - - -50% ElecLone Sword
Dakini Femme51510Element - - -50% NuclearBalm of Life
Dominion Divine52520Spear, Death, Curse - - -50% Element, ForceEnkeller
Catoblepas Wilder52429Whip, Gun -Tech, Rush - -Tanzanite
Yaksa Brute52520Death, CurseElement, Force - - -Holy Writ Tablet
Girimehkala Jaki53530Element, Force - - -50% PhysicalSilver Prayer Wheel
Alecto Raptor53400Fire, Ice, Earth - -100% Wind -Freidyne Stone
Ubelluris Jirae54540Wind, Blast - -100% Earth -Magnadyne Stone
Gdon Beast54405Whip, Gun -Tech, Rush - -Revival Bead
Vetala Haunt54540 -Magic - -200% GunPearl
Rukh Flight55330Gun -Wind - -Bufudyne Stone
Barbatos Fallen56560Rush, Expel, Miracle - - -50% Element, ForceDis-Para
M.I.B Meta56492 - - - - -Metal Card
Oberon Fairy57342Force - - -50% FireGrydyne Stone
Throne Divine57570Spear, Death, Curse - - -50% Element, ForceLight Wave Tablet
Cromm Cruach Drake58870Element, ForcePhysical - - -Ruby
Tlazolteotl Night58406Physical - -100% Element, Force -Petra Stone
Culebre Snake59826Element, ForcePhysical - - -Hiranya
Rangda Femme59590Element - - -50% NuclearMegidola Stone
Xiuhtecuhtli Yoma60420Force - - -50% FireMetal Card

Demon Order Level HP Weak Resist Null Absorb Repel Item
Rangda Femme59590Element - - -50% NuclearMegidola Stone
Xiuhtecuhtli Yoma60420Force - - -50% FireMetal Card
Hecatoncheires Jaki61610ForceElement - - -Emerald
Mangadhai Wilder63554Whip, Gun -Tech, Rush - -Knuckle Barong
Jahi Night64448Physical - -100% Element, Force -Nerve Stone
Cherub Divine64640Spear, Death, Curse - - -50% Element, ForceBead
Ganesha Yoma65455Force - - -50% WindSapphire
Paimon Fallen65650Rush, Expel, Miracle - - -50% Element, ForceDark Wave Tablet
Hresvelgr Raptor66660Fire, Ice, Earth- -100% Wind -Mazionga Stone
Miyasudokoro Haunt66660 -Magic - -200% GunKolkata Souvenir
Ouroboros Snake67938Element, ForcePhysical - - -Tora Stomachband
Grimies Foul68700Element, Force - - - -Ziodyne Stone
Fafnir Drake70999Element, ForcePhysical - - -Olive Necklace
Adramelech Fallen71710Rush, Expel, Miracle - - -50% Element, ForceDaily Meal
Fenrir Wilder75825Whip, Gun -Tech, Rush - -Maxi Tempest
Alice Fiend99999 -All - - -Pagan King

There are no random encounters on B12F

Room Monument Demons Prizes
SouthLustKarma Lust, Night Lilim, Night SuccubusPearl, Dark Wave Tablet
SouthwestGluttonyKarma Greed, Haunt Preta, Jaki OcelotRuby, Holywrit Tablet
NorthwestWrathKarma Wrath, Jaki Girimehkala, Jaki HecatoncheiresDiamond, Evil Fire Tablet
SoutheastEnvyKarma Envy, Brute Hannya, Spirit Kuchisake-OnnaEmerald, Ebon Rope Tablet
NortheastSlothKarma Sloth, Foul Slime, Fallen PaimonSapphire, Doggerel Tablet
NorthPrideKarma Pride, Fairy Oberon, Divine DominionAlexandrite, Scorching Tablet
CenterWhite and BlackWilder Tesso, Foul Mr. BearRuins Medal

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