Expel Icon P1 Miracle (奇跡, kiseki)? is a subtype of Light Skills in Megami Ibunroku Persona, and primarily focus on both reviving the party and dealing damage to the enemy. It is the Light equivalent of Curse.

General Spell


Recarm-type spells are related to reviving targets from death/KO.

Heal Icon IS
Skill Effect
Recarm Revives one ally with some HP.
Samarecarm Revives one ally with full HP.
Recarmdora /
  • Sacrifices caster's life to fully heal other allies' HP/MP.
  • Sacrifices life to revive other party members to full/some HP.
  • Restores all HP to one person, caster goes down to one HP.
Invitation Revives and summons one ally


Expel Icon P1
Skill Effect
Eternal White Heavy Miracle damage (area)
Bright Judgement Heavy Miracle damage (area)
Alpha Blaster HP cut by 50% each turn (all foes)

Persona Skill Cards

Innocent Sin
Recarm card IS
Recarm Card
Holylight card IS
Holylight Card, which grants Samarecarm
Sacrifice card IS
Sacrifice Card, which grants Recarmdra
Eternal Punishment
Recarm card EP
Recarm Card
Divine Light card EP
Divine Light Card, which grants Samarecarm
Sacrifice card EP
Sacrifice Card, which grants Recarmdra

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